5 questions you should ask your real estate agent about apartments for rent in Doha

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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

You have decided to move in to Doha and bring your family with you. Qatar is a new destination, a new world and be prepared to face a change. As you are to go for a real new life and housing is the most important aspect for your family, we are here to guide you what type of questions to ask your real estate agent about apartments for rent in Doha, your home to be in Qatar.


1.Which are the most suitable apartments for rent – Doha-  for families?

When you ask which are the most suitable apartments for rent Doha for families you should bear in your mind several aspects: safety of the area, safety of the building, facilities within residential zone, schools, nursery or gymnasium.

Security and Apartments Safety

Fortunately enough, Qatar – generally- and Doha, particularly, are the one of the most secure places to live in Arabian world, hence this is a safe place to live with your family. 

On one hand, the residential apartments built in Qatar are brand new and respect all the international standards in constructions. Regardless where you plan to move ( Doha- the majestic Pearl or Lusail city), you are always safe.

Residential apartments areas for families with children

On the other hand, entire Qatar is a new country and the entire infrastructure is considered to suit new comer from around the world and their families. Residential areas are planned for comfortable living, are provided with nurseries and schools for children of different ages.

Actually, the newer and the more developed is the zone where the apartments are built, the more suitable is for families with children. Freehold areas ( there are also properties for sale in Qatar) are more likely to be suitable for families establishing in Qatar, regardless the country that they come from.

2. Are the apartments for rent (Doha) in expat friendly areas?

Foreigners are allowed to buy properties in specific areas of Qatar and these are also areas  mainly inhabited by expats. These freeholds residential areas are found both in Doha and newest city in Qatar, Lusail.

real estate companies Qatar Doha The pearl-artificial island

In what regards apartments for rent in Doha, we recommend properties on incredible the Pearl, West Bay and West bay Lagoon. They are luxurious, well-endowed and ready for comfortable living. Of course, this comfort comes with an adequate price!

3.Are the flats for families or for bachelors?

Actually, here there is no standard answer. It depends. Usually studio apartments for rent are for bachelor and, apartments with 2-3 bedrooms are dedicated for families. The truth is that within a residential area there are both studios and multiple bedroom apartments available.

Studio apartment for rent- living room view image
Studio apartment for rent- living room view


We feel to make a short notice about studio apartments for rent in Doha. They are considerable large, with surfaces over 50 sqm, fitting the people need for space and comfort.

4.What type facilities I have within my residential area?

As standard set of requirements from your property for rent you should ask for firefighting system, elevator, parking place, reception, eventually porter.

If you are going to move to Qatar as a single, you are to look that your rental to have in or  around residential area sport facilities (gym), indoor or outdoor pool, eventually cafeteria.


apartments for rent in Qatar - Doha - pool in residence FGREALTY

When you move in your house with children indoor /outdoor playgrounds are more suitable  so are the green backyards.

5 .Which are the extra costs that you are support beyond rental?

Before renting find out which are all the costs for the apartments. That means the final rental and extra costs you have to pay for maintenance or electricity. 

If you are on the edge of moving to Doha, we are here to assist you with further advice about properties and what’s best for you.

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