5 Steps to develop a good relationship with your landlord

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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm



You have moved recently into a new apartment for rent in Doha, Qatar and you simply love it.  It feels like it had to be for your own heart and you would love to have it for as long as you can.   So you consider what you have to develop a good relationship with your landlord.  As our clients are important for us and their benefit is our benefit,  we give you five steps you should follow in order to keep an amazing relationship with your apartment owner.

1. Pay your rent in time!

The house you love living in is actually your landlord’s business and paying the rent in time is a  contractual must, but also a sign of respect and care.  Hence, you should establish a convenient date for you to always be on time with your payment.  It can be usually your payday when you’re sure that you have the entire amount for your rental.

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2. Keep the apartment neat

Even if you established with your landlord to pay for the rented apartment via bank transfer, card or PDC (Post Dated Cheques ) you never know when the owner might knock on your door.  He will simply love you if you find the apartment clean and in good order.  Actually,  even if you’re not that tidiest person this will also help you for daily living or in case you have to move fast to another place.

3. Announce in a timely manner any deficiencies and give a helping hand

Even in the newest flats, in the most sophisticated buildings, flaws might occur.  The water pipes my breakdown,  furniture may get a scratch or the door can be blocked.  Don’t take any measures on your own,  as you don’t own the apartment.  Call the owner as soon as the problem occurs and,  eventually,  suggest him/her ways of solving the problem.  Be useful and be there when a technician might come over to repair whatever it is broken.  Give full access and full support to solve the situation. 

You may also establish from the very beginning or when the situation happens for you to take care of the entire repairing stuff, and the landlord to subtract the repairing expenses from your lease.

4.Maintain the rented apartment like being your own

Keeping the house in good order is not only about cleaning the house, it’s about keeping resources and keeping it in good order.  Don’t matter doors or furniture,  don’t let the water run in the bathroom or let the on the wooden floor.  If you spill some food on the kitchen’s wall wipe it off as soon as you can,  in order not to get greasy.   Keeping electrical and heating installations in order, it helps you in time paying smaller bills, but also it helps your landlord to rent once again to rent the apartment when you decide to move.

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If you’re living in a rented apartment even for a short while you should consider it as your own and take good care of it. 

5.If you have decided to move, you can be so kind as to help your  landlord to find another tenant

Perhaps at a certain point you want to move out.  You find another apartment for rent in Doha,  or maybe your family is larger and you need a house or Villa,  or your contract is off and you have to live in your own country.     Wherever the case might be announcing your landlord in a timely manner and give a helping hand in finding another tenant.  This is a sign of respect for the good relationship you had.  And don’t say I’m not going to stay here any longer and they don’t care because you never know!

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