6 types of real estate in Qatar for Sale in our portfolio

September 26, 2023 3:24 pm

The richest state in the world has an impressive variety of properties for sale. The extraordinary views, the exceptional amenities, the endowments in the newest trends make the properties a true benchmark for luxury. And all these features are part of the offer of properties for sale in Qatar of our real estate agency FGREALTY .

When you want to search and choose the most advantageous and suitable property for the desired standards, turn to us. We sell any type of property you need: plots, apartments, villas, offices, and studios.

How are all properties in our sale offer?

All properties for sale are selected based on a number of criteria that we consider important both for us and for all our customers. These are:

  • * location in special areas with extraordinary views;
  • * sustainable buildings executed with modern, reliable and ecological construction materials;
  • * exceptional finishes and special arrangement;
  • * state-of-the-art equipment;
  • * multiple facilities;
  • * correct prices.

What type of real estate do we sell in Qatar?

Doha, the capital city, is the most coveted and appreciated place in the country. Although this is a fairly expensive proposition, the investment is as profitable as possible, given the high standards of construction and maintenance. 

Qatar has been opening up parts of its property market to enable even foreigners to buy real estate. Thus, if you have the necessary money, it is ideal to buy a house in Qatar. Here you have the most  reasons to enjoy a home to the highest international standards.

Around 60% of all properties in the country are for residential renting. So whether you want to buy a property for your own use or to rent it, the investment will be an advantageous one.

The 6 types of real estate in Qatar for Sale in our portfolio are:


We sell 1, 2, 3, even 4-bedrooms ones with one or more bathrooms. Most apartment buildings have a common lobby area, gym, and pool.

Studio apartments

A studio apartment is an optimal space for people who need a minimalist home.This is the best choice to enjoy a special space, with all the necessary facilities and comfort. 

Villas in compounds

These have gates, small gardens, and common activity areas like community centers, stores, swimming pools, and playgrounds. They are ideal for those who need more space and have kids.

Standalone villas

These are much larger, with larger gardens and individual swimming pools. These are the most expensive properties. But they are by far the places with the highest standards.

  1. Plots

When you want to enjoy a property that best suits your preferences, buying a plot is the first step to fulfilling your dream. The neighborhood, the surroundings, and the size often make the difference.


Any business needs adequate space to organize the activity. Buying a suitable office space can be an advantageous investment.

Which are the most popular areas where we sell apartments?

West Bay that is a part of the city insulated from the general hustle, facing the sea. Here you can find premium villas and residential high-rises buildings. 

The Pearl is the crown of real estate investments. Being a man-made island, The Pearl is spectacular as a concept, settlement, and innovation. If you choose a property on The Pearl, you are also certain that you have an amazing view and a profitable ROI. Yes, this is right. The Pearl is the most profitable area to invest in.

Lusail City is one of the proposed venues of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This is a futuristic district about 20 km away from Doha.  But if you want a modern property, this place is for you. You can buy a property in Fox Hill right from us.

Al Dafna is the downtown sea-facing area of Doha. A lot of offices operate out here If you want to be well connected to all parts of the city, choose this area.

The Old Airport Area is a historic part of Doha. It has mostly spacious villas ideal for families and  those who need more space.

The most advantageous way to select, identify, and buy a property is through a licensed real estate agency. A real estate brokerage agency has a large and varied portfolio of properties for sale. Thus, even if the property seen in the offer on the internet does not correspond perfectly to the preferences, an agent can help you to search and select better solutions.

There are many different options to go through before making the final decision. It is a very good idea to orient yourself according to a series of factors, such as: money, location, conveniences,  proximity to your workplace, schools etc.

Thus, whether you want to buy a studio, an apartment, a villa, an office or a plot, choose  FGREALTY  for an informed real estate consultancy.

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