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Options for Apartments for Sale in Qatar. How to choose What’s right for you

If you have decided to move to Qatar, this is the right decision, especially this year. After a period of decline in real estate, in Qatar appears a revival. That means that this is the proper moment to look for apartments for sale in Qatar at smashing prices and your acquisition will turn in time into an investment for you. Now, these being said, we are here to help you out with some piece of advice what to analyze before taking this step.

General thing to consider about apartments for sale in Qatar

This is country under continuous development and the fact that the number of expats overtake the local ones is a proof. Under this conditions, sale real estate market in Qatar is expanding, as the new development projects are built continuously.

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The apartments are brand new, following the international standards in constructions, hence there is no necessity for the new owners to spend in refurbishment. All the finishing of the news buildings are high standard, trending to luxury.

There are specific areas that may be regarded as investments in Qatar: The Pearl, West Bay and Lusail city, areas where we are specialized.

Brief description about buying an apartment in Qatar in 2018

In Qatar, there is no way to buy land at this stage, but there are plenty of options on the apartments or villas market, for both sale and rent.All the properties are developed such the owns can move straight in.

Even if the rental market is a greater demand due to the population spread, foreigners started buying properties in Qatar.Unlike other countries on Arabian market there is no property for buying a house in Qatar.

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We guide you what to choose, you may further read about taxes and documents you need to buy a property on Expat Forum.

What is for sale: Furnished or Unfurnished apartments?

There are plenty of options to choose from, both furnished and unfurnished apartments for rent in Qatar, the second category being in great demand.They same trend is kept also on sale market. Still, even the unfurnished properties have minimum endowment, such as a kitchen equipment ( as the buildings are new and modern, they are provided with encased home appliances).

This is trend is more obvious on real estate rental market.

Price versus region when for flats for sale

Even if the 2008 crisis affected also, Qatar, prices kept at high level, similar to the western market. For example an apartment for sale in the Pearl can be evaluated as high as 17,000 QAR/ sqm. Lower prices can be paid for properties in Lusail, low meaning around 10,000 QAR.

Doha off market properties – the best areas where to buy or rent houses for expats

As already stated Qatar is expanding and the best investments are in freehold properties. with As there are new properties, as anywhere in the world, some areas are better regarded and profitable than others.

Properties for sale in the Pearl

Due to the continuous expansion and the fame aroused around it, houses for sale in Qatar, in the Pearl remain the most expensive, but also the most promising as investment in Qatar.

Image of Qatar Qanat Quartier

Houses for Sale in West Bay


In Doha, properties in West Bay are also an option and when we say properties we mean the entire range (villas, apartments, studios, commodious) Intermediary as price ( 15,000 QAR/ sqm), the apartments for sale in West Bay are a good choice due to the infrastructure around it. The properties here are suitable for both singles, but also families as within residential areas there are nurseries, gymnasium, there are plenty of shops and restaurants around. Actually, some of the residences are provided with playground for young infants.

Properties for sale in Lusail city

Not as expensive, but similarly luxurious are the apartments for sale in Lusail city. Actually, even if now is less regarded as an investment opportunity, in the approaching years, close to World Cup in 2022- we expect to be an increase in demand and, of course, in price.

Image of Lusail city

Is it worth it to buy a cheap apartment in Qatar?


All the above shown it makes it clear that buying a property in Qatar might be investment and the moment is NOW.

We give you several arguments for this:

  • A cheap apartment for sale in Qatar does not mean a bad apartment. Real estate in Qatar is a new market and the properties are accordingly new and flawless.
  • Rental price is not cheap. If you are to live in Qatar for more than 5 years, you should definitely consider rather buying an apartment.
  • Unlike any other Arabian or even European / American country there is not property tax. Hence, in case you don’t live in, but decide renting it, you have 0 costs for property ownership and only profit from rental.
  • Due to economic decisions in Arabian world, there will be a greater demand in properties for sale, consequently an increase in price. That’s our reason for us to say INVEST NOW in Qatar’s real estate market !
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