The Benefits of Owning an Apartment in Doha, Qatar

Qatar, as an investment venue, has a lot to offer. The country has one of the highest GDPs in the world, and most of its population are expats. As a Middle Easter state rich in natural reserves, Qatar is shifting its focus to become a technology, sports, and tourism hub with new developments. FIFA World Cup 2022 was the highlight of what Doha has to offer. Unsurprisingly, the volume of foreign investments in the country has risen. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Doha, then we recommend you buy rather than rent. There are several benefits of owning a property in Doha, Qatar.

Benefits of Owning a Property in Doha

This article will look at the benefits of owning an apartment in Doha as shared by property owners and market experts.

Mortgaging is more affordable than renting now

Properties for sale in Qatar are available at lucrative rates, and you can also avail mortgage at a cheaper rate than most other real estate markets. FGREALTY is a real estate brokerage that has helped buyers with Qatar property search for more than a decade. We know the real estate market in the country and recommend you buy an apartment in Qatar because the mortgage will prove cheaper than renting most properties.

Support you want to buy a one-bedroom apartment at a luxury location like The Pearl. Being a prime location with the best amenities and facilities, renting an apartment of that size will cost you QAR 8,500 on average. At the same time, you can buy the same apartment in The Pearl and pay a mortgage for QAR 6,500. And if you opt for a fixed-rate mortgage, you will save around QAR 24,000 yearly. However, you must pay a 30% down payment for a fixed-rate mortgage.

apartment for sale in Doha

Property prices also remain affordable. For instance, this exclusive one-bedroom apartment for sale in Doha in The Pearl is available for just QAR 2,017,800.00. This is a 118 sqm property that has a fully furnished bedroom with an attached bathroom. There’sThere’s also the living room and the guest bathroom.

FGREALTY always brings you the best properties for sale in Qatar, and for this apartment, you get an easy payment plan:

  • 10% upon spa signature
  • 10% upon handover
  • 10% every six months for four years

There’s more, as per the new property ownership law when you buy this apartment for sale in Doha, you get permanent residency as the owner, and so does your family. You can avail of premium healthcare & education benefits and various employment & investment opportunities by buying this apartment.

Mortgage interest rates remain low

The mortgage rates in Qatar remain notably low compared to most global real estate markets. This presents several opportunities for people to buy properties for sale in Qatar. If you plan to buy an apartment for sale in Doha, you can easily avail mortgage from most banks for as low as 2.2% onwards.

Compared to other markets, its it’s 8%-10% lower, making mortgages highly affordable. As the rates remain stable, you can easily plan the mortgage installments, which will be less than rent for most properties—another advantage to buying an apartment in Qatar instead of renting it.

An investment made in heaven

Qatar is a highly lucrative real estate market, becoming a global venue. It is a known fact that real estate is one of the best investments for anyone, whether you are a local or a foreigner.
FGREALTY recommends Qatar because it has garnered worldwide attention with its rapid infrastructural developments. It also showed the world that it could take up a challenge and be a worthy partner when it successfully hosted the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

When you buy an apartment in Qatar, you are making an investment that will have long-term appreciation. This is unattainable through renting. As long as you are renting, you are just giving away the savings. Since the football world cup, real estate prices in Qatar have been soaring, and most of the properties in Doha have witnessed an appreciation. If you own an apartment in Doha, you can sell it in the future for a significant profit or rent it out for considerable rental returns.

Decorate your way

An obvious benefit of owning an apartment in Doha is the freedom to decorate it the way you want. Creating the décor you want is one of the most underappreciated benefits of owning an apartment.


Under the new property ownership rule, buying properties for sale in Qatar is much easier. You can explore permanent visa-granting communities, such as The Pearl and West Bay or the incredible Lusail City. It is much more lucrative to switch to homeownership for expats.FGREALTY is your partner in the Qatar property search. Contact our real estate agents to find exclusive luxury properties in Doha.

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