Best affordable areas to live near a metro station in Qatar

Best Affordable Areas to Live Near a Metro Station in Qatar

If you are planning to move to Qatar, given its highest GDP per capita in the world, you have to keep a few things in mind. The properties available in Qatar have varying amenities, and the cost for the best neighborhoods can be very high. It is best to rent a property near a metro station in Qatar as it provides several benefits.

Qatar is one of the safest and most peaceful countries for expats. Such is the popularity of the country among foreigners that over 80% of the population here is made up of expats. The cities in Qatar offer a wide range of housing choices, from affordable studio apartments to high-end luxury independent beachfront villas.

For this post, we will focus on affordable areas to live near a metro station in Qatar.

Why Look For Property Near a Metro Station in Qatar? 

While Qatar has a world-class infrastructure, 80% of the population is concentrated in the capital city of Doha. For people, it wasn’t easy to go around places, and transportation in Doha can be pretty expensive. In 2019, metro train services were launched in Qatar, and it has been easier for citizens to travel ever since then. Metro services in Qatar are highly affordable as compared to other modes of transportation.

Most tenants now want to find property in Qatar near metro stations as they can save a lot of money on transportation that way. The average cost of traveling in a metro in Qatar is around 2 Qatari Riyal. The same distance travel can cost up to 10 Qatari Riyal through bus or taxi.

Areas to Look for to Buy Property in Qatar 

The metro service in Qatar is divided into three segments – the green line, the red line, and the gold line. All the services of the Doha metro are maintained by the Qatar rail, the country-owned body.

Msheireb Downtown Doha

Msheireb Downtown Doha is the area near the Msheireb metro station on the red line. The site is known for its unique housing project to accommodate people who come for work in the commercial hub. An important Doha metro station, Msheireb, has helped revive the city from its throttling traffic and lack of space. You can find affordable properties here, ranging from cute studio apartments to high-end residential buildings. The city is rich in Qatari heritage with its mosques, museums, and other traditional buildings.

Msheireb Downtown Doha spans 310,000 square meters and accommodates over 100 residential buildings.

West Bay

Another area near a metro station in Qatar, the West Bay, is one of the important business centers in the country. Most large corporations and oil and shipping companies have offices in West Bay, making it the epicenter for working expats.

There are affordable housing options available for single men and women as well as families here. The upper part of the West bay is less congested and has all the necessary amenities for families, such as schools and hospitals. Its location near one of the most popular Doha metro stations makes West Bay a hotspot to buy property in Qatar.

Al Sadd 

If you want to find property in Qatar in one of the most popular neighborhoods with a high expat population, Al Sadd is an excellent choice. Al Sadd metro station falls on the Gold line. The area’s prime location has housing complexes designed to suit the budget needs of the middle class. It is the ideal place to rent a property if you have a family as all amenities like malls, schools, hospitals, and plenty of markets. The metro service makes Al Sadd one of the most accessible areas to navigate. The area has three metro stations – Al Sadd, Joaan, and Hamad Hospital. You can find property in Qatar in this area, and you will never have to buy a car as all the places are so well interconnected.

Al Waab

The last on our list of best affordable areas to live near a metro station in Qatar is Al Waab. It is also near the gold line station Al Waab and is actively scorned by expats for its pocket-friendly housing facilities. There is an abundance of options for singles and families to rest or buy property in Qatar in this area. The Aspire Zone is one of the biggest attractions of Al Waab that houses the Aspire Park. It is also known for the Aspire Dome and Khalifa International Stadium, a world-class sports facility. There are plenty of good schools in the district, such as the Doha Academy Al Waab Campus, Franco-Qatarien Voltaire Al Waab, American School of Doha, and Newton British School.


Since Qatar has a higher GDP per capita, it is one of the best countries to live and work in. The high standard of living, however, comes at a cost. We hope the affordable areas to buy property in Qatar we listed above will make your search easier.


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