FGREALTY Qatar Receives Prestigious International Property Award 2022-23

October 12, 2022 2:16 pm

The International Property Awards is one of the most prestigious events when it comes to the real estate industry. It celebrates and awards properties and agencies for both commercial and residential professionals from all over the globe.  They acknowledge and celebrate the achievements done by companies and agencies involved and operating in all sectors of property management and real estate. Those awards are considered nothing short of a world-renowned mark of excellence, and every award holds its weight and carries its value across the world of Real Estate.

The scope of those awards usually covers regions from all over the world. All the way from Canada, to Africa, the Asian Pacific, Arabia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the UK. Participants usually submit their relevant national level and are judged by a panel of experienced judges of prominent figures and professionals who were in the Real Estate business for a long time, and have had great achievements in the industry.

FGREALTY Setting New Real Estate Industry Benchmark in Qatar

FGREALTY is one of the leading Real Estate agencies in Qatar, and the strategy we used to reach this high level of productivity and become the most exclusive property finder portal in Qatar is by focusing mostly on our website.

The CEO and Owner, Mr. Serban Spirea, has spent the past 5 years tirelessly working and constantly developing ideas to revolutionize the company’s portal, and worked determinedly to improve it and differentiate it from all the other portals in Qatar and the Arab world. He was constantly coming up with bright ideas to change the status quo of how the Real Estate business should be done and operated. Focusing mainly on SEOs, utilizing keywords that increase the overall ranking of the website in the search engine, paying close attention to the aesthetics of the website, and making sure that every property on the website has the most attractive and enticing photoshoot that would appeal to the wide range of clients that this excellent website receives. Moreover, he surrounded himself with a team of agents that understood his vision and took it to heart, and are working tirelessly to fulfill the vision of how he wants the website to look and operate, which created a sense of harmony within the company where everyone is working for one common goal; Having the best website in the Arab world for buying, selling, and leasing commercial and residential Real Estate properties.

Finally, after years of hard work and sleepless nights, countless ideas have been suggested, tried, then scratched off to make room for better ideas. After endless photography training with the team of agents to make sure that everyone on board is delivering the same quality and standard of photos for the properties they are managing, and after endless trials and errors, we at FGREALTY QATAR are so glad to announce that the what was once a vision is now nothing short of reality. FGREALTY Qatar won one of the most prestigious awards that a Real Estate company could.

On the 6th of October, 2022, at the Arabian Property Awards event that took place in Dubai, Mr. Serban Spirea accepted on behalf of FGREALTY the “Best Real Estate Agency Website”! All the hard work that this brilliant entrepreneur has put in alongside a team of outstanding agents has paid off. Congratulations to FGREALTY Qatar for this amazing achievement, and the best that this company will witness is yet to come.

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