5 reasons to buy or rent a property with a real estate company in Qatar

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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

You have decided to make a big move and change your house. This is a good decision, there is a saying that moving is good luck. But, what’s the best option: to meet landlords or to work with a real estate company? We might not seem unbiased regarding this subject, but within our experience we met clients that gave up searching on themselves, visiting apartments and meeting inflexible owners. Finally, they gave up and contacted us and this is the reason we are writing this article.

As a short remark, most of these people started to look for properties on their own considering that they would rent the apartment at cheaper price and they would elude the commission paid to a real estate company . Actually nowadays, time is money and so is expertise.  Now we give you our reasons to work with a broker or realtor for your future home.


1.A large database of properties, hence varied options for your home

Take a moment and imagine yourself searching for property.You started browsing for hours looking to the pictures, analyzing the space, refining the search query.You think that because one by one, being unable to say if it is suitable or not. Hence your start visiting apartments for rent or sale depending on your option.This operation is made by taking each property at the time former and your see one property other time.

Unlike you,a real estate company has gathered together large database of listed properties (apartments, villas,offices, both for rent and sale) in the  team has visited like everything  having a good picture of what property is about and how it would they respond to a tenant or  future owner. It will be like you would have extra eyes, hands and time to browse through thousands of properties and do the job for yo.

2. A good real agent understands your needs and minimize your effort

A good real estate agent can understand the needs and identify within the company’s portfolio a short list of flats / houses/ offices for rent  or sale (depending on your requirements) a short list of properties for you.From thereon you select the most appropriate and shorten the visiting time and, implicitly, the period to your future move.

3.Time is more valuable than money. Don’t waste it!

It is said that time is money. Actually, time is more valuable as you cannot take back. Now, what this have to do with renting an apartment? Well, let’s make another short exercise of imagination. How long do you think would it take you just to scroll all the filtered properties on a website? As per our experience, most of real estate clients cannot size the time wasted through simple browsing, this is why engage in finding a property on their own and quit after a short while.

The second way you  waste time is visiting an endless number of properties that do not suit your needs.

4.An expert will negotiate for you

Not all of us are experts in negotiations. A real estate agent is a negotiation pro and his interest is to close the best deal for you. The broker will employ all his skills in obtaining the best price or the conditions you need (extra parking slot, pet on premises, extra facilities, better price, shorter time of rental) for you to be happy.

Just consider when you have last time negotiated a deal and imagine that our colleagues do this several times daily. They also invested in training. When you are represented by pros, you get pro results.

5.A real estate agent can find a better deal for you. On long term means money saving

Perhaps this moment you might say: “Yes, but I have to pay a commission for  the deal.” It is true, work and knowledge must be rewarded. Yet, an agent or a broker closes deals that are pay the commission for itself during first months.The extra savings on long term are yours to pay facilities or endow the property with extra accessories or even have a holiday.

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