FGREALTY official sponsor of Horseback Archery Championship

March 16, 2023 12:06 pm

FGREALTY, represented by its CEO, Serban G. Spirea participated at in Al Shaqab Arena at the Horseback Archery Championship, one of the heritage sports.

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The horseback archer is a traditional technique used for hunting around the world. It involves a trained rider capable of accurately shooting an arrow from a bow while riding on a horse

Some of the first peoples to use mounted archers include most of Eurasian nomads during the medieval period. Over time, the practise spread into Eastern Europe, to Mesopotamia and eventually to the far reaches of East Asia.

One country in particular that became renowned for its horseback archery were the samurai warriors of Japan and they called it Yabusame.

As a sport, the objective is for a rider to run reinless along a 90m course while shooting arrows at targets at varying distances. Mounted archery is increasing in popularity in the United States with many riding clubs offering members a chance to learn the sport.

Serban G. Spirea in Al Shaqab


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