Guide to Finding Apartments for Rent in Viva Bahriya

Guide to Finding apartments for rent in Viva Bahriya
August 9, 2023 1:35 pm

Qatar is a haven for expats with its sprawling areas of residential and commercial buildings. With one of the highest GDPs in the world, it is not a surprise that people of over 110 nationalities call the oil-rich state their home. Such is the popularity of this Emirate: of the total 2.9 million people living here, 85% are foreign nationals. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Qatar, there are several locations to explore.

The Pearl is a manmade island in Qatar that is popular among expats. It is a luxurious spot to find a property in Qatar with some of the best properties. The Pearl is divided into ten districts: Abraj Quartier, Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier, Costa Malaz, Giardino Village, Medina Centrale, Perlita Gardens, Viva Bahriya, Floresta Gardens, and Isola Dana.

Types of Apartments Expats Can Rent in Viva Bahriya

You can access several options as an expat living or working in Qatar. From apartments to villas, you are limited by your requirements and budget. Out of all the available properties, the apartments for rent in Viva Bahriya are the most popular option because they are available for as low as QAR 3,500 per month. You can get a semi-furnished or fully-furnished apartment for over QAR 7,000.

You can find property in Qatar categorized into the following:

Serviced apartments

These apartments offer hole-like services and amenities with high comfort and convenience. You get the all the facilities like buffet breakfast, room service, and cleaning services. While they offer convenience, serviced apartments might not be the cheapest offering in Viva Bahriya.

Multi-bedroom apartments

The best option for families, the multi-bedroom apartments in Viva Bahriya are available as two to four bedrooms properties. They are an ideal choice for living with family or roommates and are highly spacious and equipped with all the necessary amenities. Usually, you will get a private gym, swimming pool, parking space, and common lobby with such apartments.

Studio apartments

Even though smaller in size, the studio apartments in Viva Bahriya have access to the same amenities as larger apartments. Typically, studio apartments offer a living and dining area, private bathroom, and balcony. If you are single, this is the most affordable apartment for rent in Qatar.

Apartments for rent in Viva Bahriya 

One of the most luxurious precincts in The Pearl, Viva Bahriya, comprises luxurious residential condominiums and a marina recreation. It also has several retail properties. Located approximately 20 km north of central Doha, Viva Bahriy is designed to be an exclusive landmark with its iconic Moroccan-style apartments and townhouses. There are many residential towers, marinas, and retail areas for expats to find flats for rent in Qatar. All the properties are located around the newly developed beachfront lagoon, and at the center is The Viva Centrale resort.

FGREALTY brings you the best apartments for rent in Viva Bahriya. The properties we shortlist offer opulence, luxury, and a great beach view. If you are planning to stay alone or with a couple on a budget, then you will like this one-bedroom apartment for rent in Viva Bahriya. It offers complete luxury with an open kitchen, spacious living and dining area, one master bedroom with an attached bathroom, and one guest bathroom. It is a worthwhile flat for rent in Qatar for an individual stay.

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Qatar for your entire family, then we recommend this 3-bedroom apartment in Viva Bahriya. It is a fully furnished property with unique interiors, quality furniture, and all the amenities. Each room has an attached bathroom with a spacious living and dining area facing the beach. Also, the tenants of this property get exclusive access to a private beach, gymnasium, and a vast swimming pool.

Finding a Suitable Apartment in Viva Bahriya

There are several ways to find property in Qatar. A straightforward approach is to communicate with the property owners directly. You can discuss lease terms and living concerns with the owners. However, to do so, you must know someone who already owns a property and should be well-versed in Arabic.

Another way to find apartments for rent in Viva Bahriya is to go through online ads or classifieds. The problem here is that you cannot verify the actual state of the property from the descriptions. You will likely choose a property that doesn’t meet your expectations. A better alternative is to explore online real estate marketplaces that offer a more assuring way to look for apartments. These sites have detailed descriptions of the properties with high-quality photos.

However, directly working with a real estate agent is the most hassle-free approach. At FGREALTY, our agents can communicate in English and Arabic, ensuring understanding between Qatari property owners and expats. Our professional agents can comprehensively tour all the properties, pointing out the pros and cons.

For a high level of client service, you can always trust FGREALTY.

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