Houses and Villas for sale in Qatar – A market Analysis for the beginning of 2019

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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

A new year means new plans and even news beginning. If you started the year planning to relocate in Doha and have your own house, we write you a brief guide what you should know about villas for sale in Qatar.

Qatar is a young real estate market and has plenty to offer for newcomers from abroad. The market is generous, the properties, in a vast majority are new,  built according to international standards. You have the great opportunity to choose from houses with special amenities, superb greed gardens, pools and sport facilities,  private beach or other luxury endowments that transforms living in Qatar into a dream come true.

Villas for Sale in Qatar – A Brief Market Analysis

If you are looking for villars for sale in Qatar, you need to overlook over the trends on this real estate market, but also your purpose in buying a property. The sale real estate market in Qatar suffered a continuous shift, but if you are on the edge of buying a villa in Qatar, this should be the right moment. After a downfall during 2008 crisis and several considerable inflation rates, for the last  years the market seems to come to sort of stability.


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Besides, due to FIFA World Cup 2022 the Qatar government seems committed to attract and invest over 160 billion QAR in Lusail and to provide housing for over 220.000 inhabitants. That makes Lusail an upcoming opportunity for flats and apartments for sale.

The Pearl, due to the attractiveness as investment, remains on the top in saling villas apartments, even if the price for a house with over five bedrooms hereis between 20 and 40 millions QAR, the difference in price is given by the facilities of the property and, of course, positioning.

Villas for sale in Qatar-  real estate listings on the market

The most attractive areas for commodious and villas for sale in Qatar remain by far in The Pearl and West Bay areas, while Lusail city is optimal for apartments.

The most important areas of houses for sale in Qatar

At the moment we write to you are around 150 villas for sale in Qatar, ⅔ being situated in various areas of Doha and there is a single house listed in Lusail.

In Doha, there is also an uneven distributions of the houses for sale, The Pearl offering the most numerous and sumptuous villas for sale. And, as we and the specialists say, these are the best areas to invest in, as it brings the best return on investment (under specification that ROI on Qatar market is between 6 % and 8%).


If in Doha popular are property around  Villagio Mall, Fox Hill is one of the most popular  areas in Lusail city.


Where you should look online for listed properties for sale

If you are to look for houses for sale listing, would it be the most appropriate online channel for you, as their portfolio includes the best real estate companies in Qatar. As we mentioned this, you should attentively analyse your real estate broker profile. We have an entire article about this, look up for it.

What to expect while looking for villas for sale in Qatar

Your appetite for stye will surely be satisfied in Qatar. The villas and commodious are new, build in a variety of shapes. On the one had you may find alignment with the Arabian sumptuousness and  luxury, on the other hand all the properties are supplied with amenities to suit the most exigent request regarding comfort and safety.


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Dependant on you budget and lifestyle options, you may choose your villa to have pool, green backyard, sport facilities, playground and others.

Taxes and transactions costs for properties for sale in Qatar

Encouraging expats to move over, Qatar is country with friendly tax rates, being some of the smallest in the region and not only. The transfer fee is 0.25% and some other small fees consisting in drawing up the ownership papers.

Not only that transfer of the property is unexpensive, but it is also very rapid. It takes less than 2 weeks to completely register a property.

In case you have decided to buy a villa in Qatar, you will have our assistance all the way. If you have additional questions about properties, please do not hesitate.

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