How To Make the Right Choice When It Comes to Studio Apartments in Doha

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is where more than 90% of the total population resides. Unsurprisingly, the city has some of the most luxurious residential and commercial properties. Qatar is known for offering a high standard of living to ex-pats. This is why about 80% of the people in the country are foreigners.

The Qatari government and private developers have invested heavily in infrastructural development, resulting in real estate growth in Qatar. You can easily find properties for sale or rent in Doha that match your living standard and requirements. However, when it comes to studio apartments, you must know a few things before making the final choice.

FG Realty is an established real estate broker in Qatar offering foreigners and citizens exclusive services to buy or rent luxurious properties. In more than ten years of service, we have gained experience that helps us serve our clients better. The tips we will share result from our insights and market expertise.


Know what a studio apartment is 

Before you look for an apartment for rent in Qatar, you must know the difference between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment.

A studio apartment is a self-contained space that comprises all other living areas, such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, combined into a single large unit. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment has the bedroom closed off from the living area and kitchen. Studio apartment for rent in Doha is quite popular among people who live alone. These living spaces cost less and have open living space.

In Doha, you can expect studio apartments ranging from unfurnished properties to luxurious, fully furnished rentals. For instance, this beautifully designed studio apartment with a sea view listed on the FG Realty property finder portal offers luxury and privacy at its best. The apartment has stylish furniture and many facilities, such as a swimming pool overlooking the sea, a well-equipped gym, and gardens.


The location 

It goes without saying that when you choose an apartment for rent in Qatar, you must explore the locations. There are several properties available; you will want to choose one that has easy accessibility to the marketplace, public transport, hospitals, schools, and other places that you frequent. If you are tight on budget, you can explore an apartment for rent in Doha, away from the city. However, it can distance you from amenities and increase travel costs. Otherwise, always choose the studio apartments that are within the vicinity of your workplace to make your daily commute easier.

The location of the studio apartment is of utmost importance whether you are planning to stay short or long-term. Doha has several places to explore luxurious studio apartments. Lusial, West Bay, and The Pearl are some of the exclusive locations for such apartments. You can also explore luxury villa for sale in Qatar at these locations.


The security 

The following essential criterion for choosing a studio is the security features available. Qatar is one of the safest places on earth. Still, it is necessary to have ample security in the building where you live. You must ensure that the property you choose has the essential security systems that meet the required safe living standards. Especially if you are moving in as an ex-pat, you must verify the security arrangements of the property before buying or renting.


The features and cost

On the FG Realty website, you will find studio apartments with all the necessary features to provide comfortable living space. Before you choose any apartment for rent in Qatar, you should evaluate the amenities and features with the cost of living. The property should have basic facilities such as parking, water, and elevators. Also, such facilities provide less energy consumption which is cost-effective. Furthermore, as a rule, you must not spend more than 30% of your monthly income on rent. Calculate the rent and other expenditures before signing the lease.


Keep the limitations in mind 

While studio apartments are great for individuals, their small size is limited. If you have a family, there are better choices than a studio apartment. Also, hosting guests can be challenging, given the limited space. A studio is ideal for one or two people, not more. Furthermore, you must limit furniture and other belongings to ensure enough space in the apartment. As the living space, kitchen, and bedroom is combined as a single unit, decorating a studio apartment can be an issue.



Studio apartments are great for individuals or ex-pats who are single and looking for cost-effective property for rent. Keep these considerations into account when you are looking for a studio apartment in Qatar.

FG Realty is a real estate Qatar company with exclusive access to luxurious commercial and residential properties in Doha. Explore apartments for sale or rent on or contact our agents for your property needs.

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