Ministry’s Directive: Protecting Your Ownership in Pearl Island

January 3, 2024 4:43 pm

Nestled within the vibrancy of Pearl Island, a recent announcement from The Ministry of Justice’s Real Estate Registration Department has stirred the attention of property owners and investors. This directive holds a paramount message, emphasizing the pivotal need for property owners to expedite the transfer of their property title deeds into their names—a decisive step in fortifying their legal ownership.

The communication from the Ministry meticulously articulates the legal implications entwined with this crucial deed transfer. It acts as a guiding torch, illuminating the profound importance of adhering to this directive to safeguard and fortify one’s property rights.

Swift action is key. Property owners are strongly encouraged to engage promptly with the Registry Department Office, housed within the premises of United Development Co. at Medina Centrale. This initial step sets the wheels in motion, enabling the smooth submission of essential documentation and expediting the transfer of the title deed to their names.

For property owners already in possession of their title deeds or in the process thereof, this communication remains a vital touchstone, ensuring continuous compliance with legal requisites.

For inquiries and commencing the registration process, the provided contact information serves as a lifeline:

Phone Numbers: 44095268, 40403729, 44095259, 44095364, 8006222

Email Contacts:

Title Deed Registration Requirements

To ensure a seamless transfer process, specific documents are indispensable:

– Clearance Certificate Issued by the Master Developer

– Copy of applicant ID/passport

– For companies: Copy of valid company registration card and commercial registration attestation (CR)

– ID copy of the authorized representative mentioned in CR or holding Power of Attorney

– Original title deed with attached Plan (not required upon the initial ownership registration)

– Original copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement

– Deed of Adherence to the Master Community Declaration

– Deed of Adherence to the Constitution of the Co-Owners Association

– Copy of the Certificate of Completion of Works (if applicable)

Importance of Title Deed Registration Requirements

The outlined requirements are not mere formalities; they constitute the backbone of a secure property transaction. Each document serves as a crucial piece in legitimizing property ownership and ensuring compliance with legal standards. Fulfilling these prerequisites is fundamental in:

Securing Legal Ownership: The clearance certificate, title deed, sale agreement, and adherence to community declarations affirm legal ownership, protecting against disputes.

Validating Transactions: Verifying identities and company registrations safeguards transactions, preventing fraudulent activities.

Compliance with Regulations: Adherence to co-owners’ association constitutions and completion certificates ensures compliance with local regulations.

At its core, adhering to these requirements is not only about procedural compliance but also about fortifying one’s legal standing and protecting property rights.

Recognizing the profound significance of this directive, property owners are urged to prioritize initiating the transfer process promptly. Ensuring meticulous preparation of all necessary documents is key to a seamless submission.

Image Courtesy: The Pearl Island

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