Non-Qatari Real Estate in Qatar: Ownership & Regulation Insights

January 6, 2024 6:38 am

In Qatar’s ongoing economic development journey, Decision No. 28 of 2020 by the Council of Ministers holds immense significance. This decision outlines where non-Qatari individuals and businesses can invest in and utilize real estate. It’s a crucial step showcasing Qatar’s commitment to fostering an open economic environment, attracting investments, and fortifying its global standing.

Qatar has been proactive in facilitating business and investment for foreign entities. This decision harmonizes with existing laws governing non-Qatari investments in economic activities and establishing investment-free zones. Allowing up to 100% foreign investments, this decision echoes Qatar’s dedication to encouraging private sector involvement and international investments.

Acquiring property in Qatar yields multifaceted advantages, including residency privileges based on property value. Properties exceeding 3.65 million Qatari riyals grant permanent residency advantages encompassing health, education, and investment prospects.

Ministers’ Decision No. 28 of 2020 Framework

Decision No. 28 operates under Law No. 16 of 2018, providing a structured framework for non-Qatari ownership of real estate. It broadens the scope, encompassing offices, shops, residential units in complexes, and real estate development in specified regions. The inclusivity extends beyond just apartments, encompassing various components of real estate.

Freehold Ownership:

Freehold empowers individuals to wholly own property within specified areas. Owners have full privileges—selling, mortgaging, inheriting—without temporal constraints.

Usufruct Rights:

Usufruct provides beneficiaries the right to use and exploit real estate, typically lasting up to 99 years, extendable by mutual agreement. This right is inheritable but fixed on the beneficiary’s title deed.

Detailed Real Estate Zones for Non-Qataris

The decision delineates 25 zones for non-Qatari ownership and usufruct, spanning 16 areas under usufruct for 99 years and 9 areas allowing freehold ownership. Additionally, it extends to detached residential units, offices, and shops across the country.

Included images sourced from the Ministry of Justice, Qatar

Included images sourced from the Ministry of Justice, Qatar

Beyond Designated Zones

The decree extends ownership possibilities beyond specified areas, permitting ownership of detached units within commercial complexes and a singular residential unit within any residential complex across Qatar, alongside the right to request residency.

Criteria for Residency Acquisition

Obtaining residency hinges on property value: above 730,000 Qatari riyals for basic residency and beyond 3.65 million for permanent residency benefits.

Application Procedures

Aspiring real estate owners or users must submit online requests through the Ministry of Justice’s website, attaching essential documents like the title deed, ID/passport copy, and a certificate of good conduct for non-residents.

For inquiries or assistance regarding real estate ownership and residency applications, individuals can approach designated offices like the one in the Pearl District’s Al Mahara building or the Lusail area’s office under the Qatari Diar Company.

Phone number: 40216669 – 40216674


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