Starting a business?What you need to know and what offices for rent has Qatar to offer

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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

A short practical guide for your future Office in Doha or Lusail

Why do we consider this subject of offices for rent in Qatar important? Starting a business in Qatar is a good idea if you want to have a new, fresh, beginning. That is because this is a new country and you may have plenty of opportunities. Also, Qatar is the place where foreigners and expats are welcome to bring their expertise in the development of this Arabian land.

In what regards establishing a new business in Qatar (Doha, Lusail or other cities) like in any other country, there are rules and the legislation to fulfill. Any new established startup has to go under a bureaucratic procedure that might take between 1 and 4 months. In this context, having your own office is very important as it is part of obtaining a trade licence. Having your office is an obligation, on the other hand the image of your office and the comfort of it is part of your development strategy and the branding process.

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In this article find the importance of your office for opening a business in Qatar and also we show you what Doha has to offer in a matter of offices for rent. As we have been involved in developing business in the real estate field in Qatar for quite a while, please allow us to highlight that in this world, a representative office might be the Cutting Edge between success and struggle.

The importance of having an office for registering of a company in Qatar

There is a specific procedure to open a business in Qatar if you are a foreigner. First of all, you have to assign an agent either commercial or a service agent.

You have to fulfill and obtain three important documents in order to legally function in Qatar. These are:

  • commercial residence
  • trade licence
  • computer card – which are very important for you and for your employees for issuing working permits.

As we are most involved in real estate brokerage and consultancy, hence we are to insist about the importance of your office in obtaining the trade licence.

Having a rented office in the economy of obtaining Trade Licence in Qatar

After you had rented an office in Qatar, you should obtain a trade name and issue the articles of incorporation for getting the trade licence. For this you have to prepare a set of documents, including documents and images with your office from different perspectives

Images showing the existence of your office in Doha or other city in Qatar

In your trade licence the file you should include the photography of your office building from outside, where where there should be displayed the name of your company on on a plate. Second photography should be inside the building with your office having the name of the company on the door.

Other documents you have to have regarding your rented office in Qatar

Having a functional office is an important criterion in establishing a business in Qatar, you should provide to Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) also documents proving the completion of the of the building and a copy ID of the owner. Also you have to include authorization letter if you subcontract the rental with the real estate agent.

These documents and images are mandatory and you can’t establish business without them. An agent from the government will come to verify if the images are as presented so the importance of your business space is significant.

Beyond that, having a representative office space rented in an important Tower of Doha or Lusail is part of you business planning and development. In business image counts, so do the extra facilities that make your life easier as an entrepreneur.

Business Tower - office for rent in West bay Qatar

What Offices for Rent has Qatar, especially Doha, to Offer and what you should look for

As we have established that having a rental space before papers of incorporation, we proceed to describe you how to look for and the what to expect from your office for rent in Qatar.

There are several criteria you should follow and check before closing a deal:

  • space – the surface of the office for rent should accommodate your employees and also offer sufficient room for everybody to develop their tasks.
  • positioning – being in the middle of a business environment it gives you mobility and saves you time while doing business, you only focus on development, not on remoting from one place to another.
  • the reputation of the tower – perhaps in other countries is not that important, but in this country the office is adjacent to your reputation.
  • the building facilities – you work better in an environment where you have everything at hand. A safe building, broadband internet at hand, elevators, porters, meeting offices for rent and other options that might increase your business agility are valuable.

Self-serviced offices or Open Spaces – they depend on your requirements for room the number of your employees and there are of business.

offices for rent in west bay Palm Tower

Where you should rent an Office in Doha, Qatar?


West Bay is a fast growing area with promising development in both business and the residential sector. This is also the area where you find impressive towers, skyscrapers as you can hardly see even in other occidental countries. They are as a business card for business development.

All the buildings are band new, impressive and here you find companies in oil and gas industry, technology, trade and also multinational companies.

Also, the business areas are surrounded with facilities for people working around like shops, restaurants, schools and enhanced public transportation.

The Pearl – a place to do business in Style

The Pearl is the place where luxury and development reunite. As an artificial island and also an attraction,the Pearl is a place where people invest in image but also in future development. If you want to invest in an office or residential property for sale in Qatar, The Pearl is the area which will bring you latter the greatest return of investment.

The infrastructure is functional and focused on efficiency and providing options for residents and working people on this areal.

Image of fully-furnished office for rent
Fully furnished office for rent

Facilities of the Offices for Rent in Qatar

The offices classified as type A (West Bay )offer a variety of facilities as: facility management, reception service, vale parking and designated parking spots.

Self-serviced Offices for Rent in Qatar

The serviced offices offer no extra costs for small to medium size business. The rental price includes all of the needed facilities for a business to run smoothly as internet, cleaning, coffee and tea facilities, landline, printing and secretarial service.

If you are to open an office in Qatar, just contact us! Our team is here to help you!

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