US designates Qatar as a major non-NATO ally

The US has designated 18 countries as major non-NATO allies. Unlike a NATO ally, the designation does not entail a defense commitment. It enables a country to access military and financial advantages At a joint press appearance with the Qatari leader, Biden said, “This past year, our partnership with Qatar

Investing in Real Estate in Qatar

One of the wealthiest countries in the world, Qatar offers an excellent environment for real estate investments, whether for locals or foreigners. Qatar has an estimated population of around 2.169 million people. Of these, a staggering 85.7% are expats. Each year, thousands of people from all over the world move


RESIDENTIAL SUPPLY As of Q1 2021, the total housing stock was approximately 304,715 units withthe addition of 1,700 apartments and villas.Apartment supply consisted of 1,650 units coming from project handoversin Lusail (Fox Hills and Marina District), The Pearl, Al Dafna, Mirqab AlJadeed and Fereej Abdul Aziz.Contracts of residential buildings were

Non-Qatari ownership and use of real estate

1.First Category: In case of purchasing a real estate of the value of not less than (3,650,000) three million; six hundred and fifty thousand Riyals; the owner of the real estate shall get the privileges prescribed for holders of the permanent residency card ( healthcare, education and investment); provided that

Best Quality Brokerage Winner 2021

FGREALTY: Best Quality Brokerage Winner 2021 The past year has been an exceptionally challenging one for all businesses, as economies worldwide struggled to navigate their way around the uncertainty created by the pandemic. And yet our organization were able to adapt and excel thanks to persistence and innovation. We’re glad

Why invest in Qatar?

 Invest In Qatar Qatar utilizes the revenues of its vast wealth of oil and gas in other sectors with a view to expand the economic base and develop a strong private sector; and through its full and active membership the World Trade Organization and flexible business regulations; it works to