Qatar prepares to offer best health care in 2022 FIFA World Cup

September 26, 2023 3:24 pm

In preparation to provide excellent healthcare services during the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation will host Qatar Health 2022 and the 2nd Qatar Public Health Conference.

‘Qatar Health 2022: Preparing for the 2022 World Cup and the response to pandemics in Qatar – a multidisciplinary team approach’ conference held virtually from February 9 and 12 bringing together local and international experts.

“We are pleased to host local and international experts to give us insights as we approach the biggest sporting event later this year, ” said Dr. Sheikh Mohamed Al Thani, Director of the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Public Health.

Qatar Health 2022 sessions will display Qatar’s capabilities in the fields of mass gathering management, disaster medicine, infectious disease and trauma surgery. It will look into Qatar’s public health capabilities and preparations to host the successful FIFA World Cup 2022,” he added.

“We focus in preparation to give the best healthcare experience ever in a FIFA World Cup,” said Dr. Al Thani, who is also the Co-Chair, Qatar Health 2022 and 2nd Qatar Public Health Conference in a video message.

Qatar Health 2022 primarily focuses on preparations to provide high-quality care for the masses and appropriately respond to the pandemic using a multidisciplinary team strategy, best practices and lessons.

The 2nd Qatar Public Health conference is to bring a unique understanding of Qatar’s Public Health capability in preparing and hosting a successful FIFA World Cup 2022 amidst the pandemic.

The conference sessions will provide unique insights into Qatar’s Public Health capabilities in its preparations and measures to host a successful FIFA World Cup 2022 considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics discussed include Health Protection and Communicable Diseases, Health Promotion and Non-Communicable Diseases, Food Safety and Environmental Health, and other priority areas in public health.


Source: Qatar Living


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