Qatar, the home of global business and a new gateway to Middle East investment

With the world finally over the pandemic-induced slowdown, the economies are recovering quickly. The global real estate markets severely hit due to the pandemic are now revived, with investments flowing in worldwide.

Qatar remains one of the favorite destinations for global business ventures. It provides a gateway for the Middle East economies for anyone who wants to invest in the region.

According to Kearney’s 2023 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index (FDICI), the middle east remains one of the top 25 regions for investments, with UAE leading the region and Qatar at the 21st spot.

If you plan to invest in real estate, Qatar can be a high-value destination offering you opportunities in both commercial and residential markets. The state is known for being the favorite of expats; even more than 80% of people in the capital Doha are non-Qataris. With large-scale development projects completed and underway, you can find property in Qatar that suits your lifestyle and living standards.

Kearney’s index list indicates that Qatar is on a fast track to becoming the home for global business. This is why FIFA 2022 World Cup brought in a vast FDI corpus, which prompted the government to take some investment-friendly measures.

The change in law

Qatar is becoming an emerging market for global business and a gateway for FDI in the middle east region because of the positive steps and measures taken by the Qatari government to ensure that foreign investments flow easily.

One such positive change happened when the government, in 2020, eased the rules around lease and freehold property ownership for foreigners. Under the new rule, Cabinet Resolution 28, foreigners can now buy freehold properties or lease for more reasons. Whether you want a 2-bedroom villa for rent in Qatar or want to own a luxurious standalone villa, there are so many venues to explore.

However, if you are interested in buying property, you should know which regions are approved for freehold ownership. Under the new rule, foreigners can own properties in these districts:

1. West Bay Lagoon
2. Pearl
3. Onaiza (Administrative area 63)
4. Lusail
5. Jabal Thuaileb
6. Al Khor resort
7. Al Khaleej
8. Al Dafna (Administrative area 61)
9. Al Dafna (Administrative area 60)

On, you can easily find property in Qatar in these regions. With ownership, you also get some exclusive rights. An investment of 730,000 Qatari Riyal (QR) can grant you a temporary resident permit. It provides several exclusive benefits for you and your family. You can invest QR 3.5 million or more to secure permanent residency status. Permanent residency comes with exclusive benefits like access to free healthcare and education and access to specific investment opportunities.

However, there are also several opportunities for renters. We have some exclusive properties if you want villas for rent in Doha. Whether you want a standalone villa for rent in Qatar or a compound villa, our real estate agents can help you find any type of property. As per the new real estate investment rule, foreigners can lease properties in 16 districts all over Qatar.

These locations include:

1. Umm Ghuwailina (Area 27)
2. Rawdat Al Khail (Area 24)
3. Msheireb (Area 13)
4. Fareej Abdulaziz (Area 14)
5. Doha International Airport (Area 48)
6. Bin Mahmoud (Area 23)
7. Bin Mahmoud (Area 22)
8. As Salatah (Area 18)
9. Al Sadd (Area 38)
10. Al Rifaa and Old Al Hitmi (Area 17)
11. Al Najma (Area 26)
12. Al Mirqab Al Jadeed and Fereej Al Nasr (Area 39)
13. Al Mansoura and Fereej Bin Durham (Area 25)
14. Al Khulaifat (Area 28)
15. Al Ghanim Alateeq (Area 16)
16. Al Doha Al Jadeeda (Area 15)

Why choose Qatar for FDI?

Qatar is one of the most stable countries in the middle eastern region. It is strategically located at the Middle East, Africa, and Asia crossroads, which works in its favor. As one of the strongest economies, its high GPD indicates sustainable growth and stability. Also, the government’s continuous efforts to diversify the primarily hydrocarbon-dependent economy are gaining the attention of international investors. Creating free zones, special economic zones, and streamlined business registration processes facilitates global business expansion.

Infrastructure development is also why Qatar has such a positive development outlook. The country has heavily invested in infrastructural development, which includes the construction of transportation networks, residential and commercial properties, and business venues.


Qatar is making strides as a global business destination because of its business-friendly policies and low corporate tax rates. Also, the rapid development of the real estate infrastructure combined with investment in sustainability and technology sectors are opening several opportunities for investment beyond the traditional oil and gas and chemical industries.

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