Real Estate in Qatar – Essential Things You Should Know About it

Qatar is an amazing land for foreigners, a land perceived as territory of opportunities both for oil, but also for real estate market. We are here to express in a friendly manner  an unbiased opinion and to present the real estate market as it is, from our expert point of view.

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Real Estate in Qatar – A Continuous Shift

The real estate development is under a continuous growth. Spectacular projects as Lusail City or the The Pearl attract more investors and potential clients for residential sales or rent in new areas, but also for serviced offices for rent in the most famous towers of Doha.

From outside Qatar, the real estate market might be regarded as a luxury one, which is not completely true. Without being a clear segmentation on real estate top companies on the market, agents in Doha have an offer for everyone. Hence, on companies listings one might find from rooms for rent for families to luxury villas or commodious in exclusive and expensive developments.

Buying property in Qatar for expats – Free hold properties


The Qatar Real Estate market has gone through a lot of changes. The crisis in 2008-2009 also affected the prices for houses, both for sale or rent. Than, after the Brexit news, the rich people of Qatar started rather buying luxury properties in London than in Doha. On the other hand, there is real estate market for foreigners, but buying properties for expats is limited to specific residential developments.

luxury apartment for rent doha-the pearl FGREATY

Non-Qataris who invest in selected real estate projects or own property in Qatar and their family members are eligible to live in the country without employers. Applicants must provide the required documents to qualify for the visa.

At the same time, foreign tenants represent an important share of realtors income on apartment rental market, regardless their option of cheap flats at minimum comfort or, on the contrary, luxurious and demanding houses.


The main residential areas inhabited by expats remain the new developments such as in The Pearl, Msheireb, Al Najm or Lusail City.

Is the land in Qatar for sale for foreigners?

Foreigners are not allowed to buy land in Qatar, but, they are allowed to own apartments or villas in Freehold areas. These are especially new properties and might be regarded as investment opportunities. As a taste disadvantage point of view, the market is less generous with offers for old villas or traditional houses.

Rent or Buy as an Expat?

It is an extensive discussion whether you should buy a property in Qatar and we exhaustively treated within an earlier article. The period of residence and income are the ones that dictate the opportunity in buying a house in Qatar.


Price trends for Properties in Qatar

The Real Estate market in Qatar encountered a dip fall after the 2009, for both rental and sales. According to propertyfinder.com stats (the biggest listing real estate portal in Arabian world) the average price per square meter during the first semester of 2018 was between QAR 10,000/ sqm and QAR 17,000/ sqm – th latest being the prices for exclusive properties in The Pearl, as Porto Arabia or similar.

Properties for rent in Doha registered a fall of around 13%, while areas as Al Wakrah decreased by cca 19%, offering cheaper rentals. This trend might change the approaching years due to FIFA World CUP in 2022, when experts expect an increased price in properties for sale.

Residential Developments for free hold

Residential real estate market for expats might be an opportunity for both investor and also for realtors, as new developing properties continue to increase in number, offering a diverse palmares of options, styles and level of amenities and finishing.

flats for rent for expats- free hold FGREALTY

The Amazing Lusail – Residential Development Beyond Expectations

Lusail City might be regarded as one wonder in Qatar world. Situated on the nordest side of Doha, in proximity of the expensive West Bay Lagoon,  Lusail is a planned city, developed strategically. At the end of development, the municipality considers the city to be inhabited between 250-450 thousands inhabitants.

This means quite a lot for real estate market in Qatar, as there are constantly built new residences, modern and all of them respecting international standards in constructions, safety and security. More than that, the residential projects are raised respecting Arabian standards of comfort, luxury, ecology and high class living. Most of them are provided with pools, gym or indoor parking, as a necessity of contemporary lifestyle.

The Pearl – The Wonder- Place where You should Look for  luxury homes for sale in Qatar

The Pearl is man made wonder in Qatar, a place beyond imagination. Built as an artificial island in Doha, this residential area gathers together style, comfort and real zest for luxury for both locals and foreigners.

Beautiful house for sașe / rent in The Pearl - Qatar - FG Realty
Beautiful house for sale / rent in The Pearl – Qatar – FGREALTY

The properties are magnificent pieces of art, endowed with high tech and over-expectations furnishing. This is the most expensive and also attractive area of properties to invest in Qatar and Doha, both in flats or villas.

Real estate market brief. What people look for

Real estate market is diverse, so are the requests and they might differ as patterns comparing to Europe or USA. There are two poles of clients looking to rent rooms for families in Doha, on the other end being foreigners looking to buy a house in Doha, especially on the incredible The Pearl.

Furnished or unfurnished apartments for rent Doha?

The market has to offer both type of option, but at this moment the trend in potential clients’ option there is larger request for unfurnished apartments for rent in Doha.

unfurnished apartment for rent doha fgrealty

Houses for families or bachelors

If on European or American continents, people might look for houses depending on their surface, in Qatar clients also look for properties depending on their marital status, existing request especially for flats for rent for bachelors.

How to Choose Real Estate Company to Work With

There is no an official Qatar real estate companies list, but on the market there are various companies, focused on different niches, but also having their own line of business. Herein we give you a piece of advise how to choose a realtor or a property.

Thing you should verify about your real estate agent in Qatar.

● Valid Company Registration

● Agency Website

● Agency Exposure

● Agency exclusivities ( deals )


Criteria you should consider when choosing a property:

The price of the rental is a main criterion for everybody, but there also other aspects you should consider when you rent or buy a house.

● Location

● Size

● View

● Rental Price ( we have exclusive prices signed with landlords). That’s the benefit of our tenants

● Lease agreement

● Private / Corporate Landlord

● Property Quality

● Maintenance Cost ( consumables )

We are specialised in luxury real estate in Qatar an one of the fastest growing realtors for foreigners. We wrote you this article to help you to understand the Qatari Real Estate Market while doing your moving research as an expat. In case you need more assistance, our colleagues will be happy to answer you!


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