Real Estate Trends in Qatar: What’s Changing?

December 10, 2023 7:47 pm

Qatar, nestled at the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, has a population of about 1.9 million, with 70% residing in its vibrant capital. Its diverse expatriate community significantly shapes the nation’s cosmopolitan identity.

Invest Qatar sheds light on Qatar’s flourishing real estate, boosted by robust GDP growth, an inflow of residents, expanding job prospects, and well-aligned government policies. A monumental $250 billion investment in construction marks Qatar’s commitment to infrastructure—notably, Council Decision No. (28) of 2020 reshaped property ownership, allowing non-Qataris to invest for the first time.

This groundbreaking decision offers permanent residency for a $1 million real estate investment, with perks like healthcare and education. Additionally, a $200,000 investment yields a renewable 5-year residency, fostering an attractive environment for investors and residents. These policies showcase Qatar’s dedication to strengthening its economy and real estate sector, solidifying its global stature for growth and opportunity.

Notably, Lusail City emerges as a focal point in Qatar’s real estate narrative, with a staggering $45 billion investment in smart infrastructure and real estate development. This monumental investment underlines Qatar’s commitment to cutting-edge urban development and innovation.

Moreover, the real estate market’s vibrancy is underscored by the $5.8 billion volume of residential property transactions recorded as of 2022, indicating sustained growth and activity within the sector. Additionally, with a substantial 12 million square meters of warehousing space available in Qatar, the country is well-equipped to meet industrial and logistical demands.

Furthermore, the real estate sector stands tall as the second-largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) after hydrocarbons, attesting to its allure for international investors. This ranking reaffirms Qatar’s status as an attractive investment destination, diversifying its economic portfolio beyond traditional sectors.

Qatar Real Estate 2024 Outlook and Anticipated Trends


Despite a dip in apartment rental rates in Qatar during Q2 2023, various industries in Doha have shown signs of stability. Cushman & Wakefield’s quarterly report highlights an uptick in demand for apartments in Lusail during Q3 2023, particularly in areas like Lusail, attributed to reduced rent and enticing incentives. High-spec buildings with quality property management are now in high demand despite higher vacancy rates in the market.


Compound villas in Doha maintain stable rents, especially one-bedroom apartments at The Pearl Island going for QR7,000 to QR9,500 per month, while three-bedroom units range from QR13,500 to QR16,500.


Msheireb Downtown Doha stands as the world’s pioneering sustainable urban redevelopment initiative and is among the most technologically advanced cities globally. Positioned strategically at the core of Doha, Qatar’s dynamic capital, it boasts proximity to Hamad International Airport, offering a forward-thinking, contemporary community experience. It showcases smart residential and professional spaces, embodying an exceptional destination for work, leisure, and residence.


Perched in Porto Arabia’s heart, the St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island is an exclusive retreat boasting 193 opulent hotel suites, each with expansive balconies overlooking the Arabian Gulf. This serene haven seamlessly blends Qatari cultural richness with an Andalucían touch, showcased through captivating artworks along the bridge. Hosting 10 acclaimed dining spots, it’s a culinary haven catering to diverse tastes. State-of-the-art amenities and the region’s inaugural Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie elevate it into an extraordinary wellness escape. This address seamlessly merges convenience and luxury, offering a glamorous lifestyle amidst timeless rituals and sophisticated settings.


Qetaifan Islands, a private gated community nestled within Lusail, emerges as Qatar’s premier residential destination. Located just north of Doha, Lusail embodies a distinctive blend of life, work, and leisure across 38 square kilometers. This vibrant city offers upscale residential choices, notably on its stunning man-made islands, establishing Lusail as an unparalleled oasis for luxurious living and leisure pursuits.

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