7 reasons to choose serviced apartments in Doha

serviced apartments in doha
November 10, 2020 4:04 pm

facilities are special. Each area has its own charm. That is why there are always enough reasons to choose a serviced apartment in Doha.

A serviced apartment, also known as a service apartment or an extended stay apartment is always a fully furnished apartment, providing hotel-like services such as room service and housekeeping. It is available for short-term or long-term stay and has all the facilities you need for a home to the best standards.

What is so special about Doha serviced apartments?

Serviced or Conjunctural apartments for rent in Doha are spacious, luxurious, with a moderate and attractive design. They have kitchens with all the household appliances and all the technology needed to guarantee a safe and welcoming home. They are ready set for comfortable living. 

serviced apartment for rent in Doha

The best serviced apartments in Qatar are in Doha

Some of the best serviced apartments are in Doha. They offer a very convenient place in a relaxing, quiet and special place. Very often they provide special facilities and 5 star services with access to leisure centers, wellness spa, gym, sauna, hydro and swimming pools, tennis courts and football fields, outdoor jogging track.

Other common facilities are:

  • Air-conditioning with individually controlled thermostats;
  • Comprehensive home entertainment system;
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access;
  • Big screen TV;
  • Satellite television with local and international channels;
  • Direct-dial telephone with voicemail and free local landline calls;
  • In-room electronic safe;
  • Modern and well-equipped kitchen
  • Balcony or terrace.

The apartments for rent in Doha offer you all the advantages and benefits you need to feel special, privileged and perfect.

Why rent an apartment in Doha? Here are the main 7 reasons to choose conjunctural apartments in Doha.

Serviced apartments offer a number of facilities that are hard to overlook.They are the ideal alternative to a hotel, the perfect choice for business and travel and the answer to many problems of traditional accommodation options.

Some of the most important 7 reasons are:

1. Increased Comfort

You never neglect your comfort if you choose a serviced apartment.You will feel spoiled and special. And often this actually can be better than what you have at home. You will have access to the best services.

serviced bathroom in aparment for rent in Doha

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Travel or living in another locality can be expensive. Serviced apartments offer more at a lower cost than in the case of a hotel apartment. And this aspect is very important when traveling for a longer period or with your family or you intend to stay longer. 

3. Special Services

Many conjunctural apartments in Doha have a 24-hour service. The services provided are exemplary and they can help you with all the aspects involved in a comfortable stay without too much hassle. You can have different levels of housekeeping service to suit your needs, at a time you prefer.

apartment for rent qatar - gym within residence

4. More Space

The space is always generous when we talk about a serviced apartment. Hotel rooms are stingy about this detail. With the vast majority of serviced apartments you are getting considerably more space for your money. Your apartment will most likely be made up of several rooms that will make the space more usable to you and your needs.

5. More Privacy

One of the biggest reasons to choose a serviced apartment is privacy. You have space for everything, to work, play, and relax. You have services you need in your own private space. And even more safety and security.

6. Something Unique

Hotel rooms are the same in most places. Serviced apartments have been often designed and decorated to be transformed into the most comfortable houses. Each apartment has its own identity and special atmosphere. With a serviced apartment you’ll be experiencing a particular city lifestyle. You can know, taste and feel more of the specifics of the place. 

Stunning Apartment for Sale in The Pearl, Doha, Qatar - Image BY FG Realty

7. Flexible Services

With a Serviced apartment you can choose the kind of services and extras you like. Before your arrival or installation, if you ask the owner for something special, you will surely find what you wanted. Thus the flexibility of the services offered by this type of apartment is very important for your comfort, accommodation and joy.

These are the most important reasons to choose a serviced apartment in favor of an ordinary one or a hotel one.

To help you make a good choice, as appropriate as possible to your taste, intentions and available budget, consult the offer of FGREALTY! 

Together we can find the best service apartment for rent solutions in Doha!


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