Short Stay Apartments Near World Football Event Stadiums In Qatar

Short Stay Apartments Near World Football Event Stadiums In Qatar
August 26, 2022 10:00 am

You are excited about the World Football Event 2022 and got the tickets. But, if you haven’t booked a hotel for your stay, you might not find one now. Due to the huge demand for accommodation among fans, hotels are fully booked. According to an iNews report, there is no availability to stay in Doha on the night of the World Football Event final, as shown by most hotel aggregation websites. Also, there is no vacancy for the nights of November 25-26 when Argentina will play Mexico, and England faces the USA.

It’s a significant hurdle for soccer fans, as no availability of hotel rooms, apartments, or villas is seen on important match dates. Fortunately, options like short stay property in Qatar provide fans a chance to be part of the event.

In this post, we will look at short stay apartments near World Football Event and even stadiums in Qatar to make it convenient for you.

Qatar accommodation information for travelers

While we agree that the accommodation infrastructure of Qatar falls short for the millions of fans who are expected to attend the event, the government has done a nice job building stadiums in close proximity. For the World Football Event 2022, Qatar has ensured that fans can reach any stadium without traveling a lot. It is why each stadium is reachable from any stay easily. The two farthest World Football Event stadiums are just 46 miles away from one another. For comparison, the two closest stadiums during the 2018 World Football Event in Russia were more than 175 miles apart.

Simply put, the proximity of stadiums allows you to book a short term apartment for rent at any location in Doha without bothering too much about the distance from the stadium.

Booking a short term apartment for rent

We focus on short stay property in Qatar because hotels are fully booked with no accommodation. Also, the cost is invariably to book hotel rooms, so you should focus on affordable Qatar property search for stay.

While the accommodations nearer to the stadiums in cities like Doha, Al Khor, Lusail, Al Wakrah, and Al Rayyan are booked well in advance, these cities already have a strong infrastructure to support tourists, so you can seek accommodation options other than hotel stays. Qatar real estate companies like FG Reality can help you locate and book short term apartment for rent for the World Football Event. Our agents explore inexpensive, budget, and luxury options for clients not just in cities where World Football Event tournaments will be held but in nearby regions as well.

By taking the assistance of a property finder Qatar service, you can locate and book accommodations beyond conventional hotels and apartments. Short term rentals like home stays, youth hostels, couch surfing, bed and breakfasts, etc., are some options that offer safe and comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices.

Areas to explore for short stay property in Qatar

As an experienced Qatar real estate company, we can help you find short stay property in all parts of the emirate; for the Football Event 2022 stay, we recommend these regions.

Downtown Doha

The commercial hub of the capital city of Qatar, Downtown Doha, is lined with prominent hotels and skyscrapers. As most people live around the area for work, it is easy to find a short term apartment for rent here. Also, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars here.

The Pearl

The artificially created island region is arguably the most luxurious area in Qatar. The Pearl has many options to offer if you are looking for a luxury short stay property. From spectacular harbor front for stunning views to easy connectivity to all World Football Event stadiums, there are several regions to consider this area for stay during your World Football Event visit.

West Bay

The West Bay has the most stadiums for scheduled World Football Event matches. Public or private transport can reach all four major stadiums in under 25 minutes. It is another great area to look for a short term apartment for rent in Qatar for the event.

Al Sadd

Al Sadd is already a popular destination among tourists for its spas, art galleries, and shopping experience. With the upcoming World Football Event, it has become even more prominent and one of the most notable places to stay for football fans. Our property finder Qatar can help you find incredible short stays in Al Sadd.


Your search for accommodation for the Qatar World Football Event 2022 doesn’t have to be frustrating if you missed booking hotels early on. We hope this guide will reduce the stress and help you quickly book short stay property in Qatar for the upcoming event.

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