The Average Cost of Renting a Villa in Qatar: A Comprehensive Guide

August 9, 2023 1:41 pm

Living in a new city or country requires planning and understanding several things. Every expense, from rent and groceries to education and transport, is essential for survival. If you are planning to move to Qatar, there are several residential property options available that you can explore. You are spoilt for choices, from single-room apartments to luxurious villas for rent.

FG Realty is an award-winning real estate broker helping ex-pats explore Qatar’s best villas for rent. We are an expert in luxurious properties, assisting people in finding properties for rent, purchase, or investment. This post will detail the average cost of renting a villa in Qatar.


Standalone villas for rent in Qatar

Among all the options available most ex-pats look for a standalone villa for rent in Qatar. These properties have vast open spaces with a garden and pool inside. While standalone villas are more expensive to rent, they offer a more suitable housing choice for privacy. If you are moving in with a family, it is best to rest in a standalone villa.

FG Realty already has some of the most exquisite and comfortable standalone villas. These properties have more spacious living and dining areas with amenities like servant rooms. Our website already has some of the best rental villas. Check out the villas for rent in Qatar. Depending on the property type, such a villa can cost you anywhere between QAR 25,000/month to QAR 70,000/month. However, you can also find a cheaper option like this standalone 3 bedroom+maid fully furnished villa for only QAR 13,000/month. It is located at Al Aziziah and is well connected to all Doha facilities, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. You get a total of 220 sqm area with added maid room.

If an independent luxurious lifestyle is what you prefer, then standalone villas are ideal for you. Also, you can move in with a big family or a bunch of friends without feeling cramped into a small living space.


Compound villas for rent in Qatar 

Another option for ex-pats looking for villas for rent in Qatar is compound villas. These properties are secured, extensive, and well-maintained spaces in a gated community. Unlike standalone villas, a compound villa is located in a space with a mix of apartment buildings and villas within the same gated complex.

All the amenities and services are made available within the walled community. Compound villas are very family-friendly, so ex-pat families with younger children often opt for them.

There are several options for you to rent in this category. A 2-bedroom villa for rent in Qatar is available for around QAR 10,000/month. But a 2 bedroom space might not be suitable for big families. We recommend you explore this luxurious 5 BHK villa compound for rent in Al-Markhiya, available for rent for just QAR 15,000/month. It has all the amenities you would expect to find with villas for rent in Qatar. The villa has five spacious bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and large windows for natural light. You also get a fully furnished kitchen, a private swimming pool, and a well-manicured garden. The location is also excellent. This property is just 10 minutes from Corniche metro station and 25 minutes from Hamad International Airport.

The rent of compound villas will vary depending on the surroundings, amenities, and facilities. You must shell out between QAR 10,000/month to QAR 50,000/month on rent.


Commercial villas for rent in Qatar

As mentioned, Qatar’s real estate market has some of the best investor opportunities. A commercial villa is one such distinct property that you can explore. You can also get commercial villas for lease in Qatar for your business and other activities. These properties differ from residential villas for rent in Qatar as they allow leasing. From an investment perspective, commercial villas offer a high return.

Commercial villas are great if you are exploring options that you can use for accommodation and conducting business. FG Realty has the most luxurious commercial villas across Qatar to explore. To explore these villas, you can visit them here. These properties will cost you around the same as most luxurious villas for rent, but their location is often in commercial districts.



A villa for rent in Qatar can be available starting from QAR 10,000/month. However, there is a significant variation in the rent depending on the location, type, and amenities.

FG Realty is a leader in luxury property brokering. We have assisted hundreds of ex-pats in finding their dream properties for rent extending our assistance beyond just discovering the best properties. Contact our expert agents if you need help to choose between all available villas for rent in Qatar.

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