Thing To Know For Travel To Qatar For FIFA World Cup

November 21, 2022 9:55 am

As we are preparing for Qatar FIFA World Cup, football fans are excited to travel to the Emirate state. The mega event is expected to draw more than a million spectators from around the world to the 64 matches. Qatar is expected to attract investments of more than $ 3 billion from across the globe, . The large number of people traveling to the country has boosted the demand for short-term apartment rentals.

Attending FIFA World Cup in Qatar? Everything You Need To Know

Attending FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be a pleasurable experience, provided you are aware of the unique issues and requirements before visiting the country. This guide will help you understand the specific guidelines.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

Typically, the Football World Cup is hosted during the summer, but this year the tournament starts on November 20 and lasts until December 18. The decision was to spare fans and teams from Qatar’s hot and humid summer. The first match will be between Qatar and Ecuador, and the 32 qualifying football teams will play the other 63 games for the next 28 days. The group stage matches will be organized in a 16-round series from November 21-December 2. The quarter-final matches will be played from December 3-6, followed by the semifinals from December 9-10. The third-place matches are scheduled between December 13-14, and the final game will occur on December 18.

Hayya Card

Qatar has dropped most of the COVID-19 restrictions from November 1. However, all visitors are required to  before they can enter the country. The new rule is applicable for all visitors whether you are attending for World Cup or any other purpose. Furthermore, every match ticket holder must present their Hayya Card to be allowed admission to the stadium.

There is a 1+3 policy that allows each Hayya Cardholder to get vouchers for up to 3 friends or family members who can enter Qatar without match tickets. Please note that foreign nationals who are not attending the FIFA World Cup 2022 are prohibited from entering Qatar between November 1 and December 23 as per the guidelines of the. There are multiple benefits of the Hayya Card, including free access to public transit during the World Cup, including the Doha Metro service.


To enter Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, all accommodations must be booked before arrival in the country. Spectators can visit the FGREALTY-Property finder Qatar website to make bookings.

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for accommodation, most hotels are fully booked for the teams and the support staff. You can use a property finder Qatar service like FGREALTY to locate the best short-term furnished apartments for rent in Doha. We recommend you book short-term apartment rentals because they are more readily available and come with all the amenities.

We have the best short-term furnished apartments for rent in Doha to explore here. FGREALTY can help you with all formalities of booking holiday apartments rent, or any other property so you can easily apply for the Hayya Card.We are a complete real estate agency that has been helping expats find property in Qatar for over a decade. Our highly qualified agents can help you find holiday apartments rent meet your requirements.

Those planning to stay in Qatar for more than 24 hours should have valid accommodation proof, as it is required for the Hayya Card. You will need to provide the accommodation information before applying for the card. If you are staying with family or friends and not booking accommodation, you should register that accommodation on the Hayya portal. And if you plan to stay up to 24 hours, you do not need to book accommodation, but you must have the Hayya Card.


Qatar, as an Islamic state, is relatively conservative. The laws are somewhat restrictive surrounding alcohol and attire. Visitors are expected to dress modestly regardless of gender; specifically, you should cover your shoulders and knees in public. Drugs of any kind are prohibited in Qatar, and any such offense can result in imprisonment, fines, and deportation. The legal drinking age in the country is 21; however, it is illegal to be drunk in public places.

During the FIFA World Cup, alcohol will be available in designated fan zones, including the Corniche, a waterfront promenade along Doha Bay. Still, the government has warned World Cup visitors to exercise caution as any violation of the law can result in up to 6 months of jail time. Homosexuality is prohibited in Qatar by law. Also, while it is illegal for unmarried couples to stay together, Qatari officials have publicly confirmed that there is no such restriction for booking or sharing accommodations during FIFA World Cup 2022.

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