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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

How to choose real estate companies in Qatar to work with ?

As real estate market in Qatar is new and expanding, choosing real estate companies in Qatar to work with might seem challenging. On the other hand, Qatar welcomes foreigners and they are facing not only a new culture, but also the need to find the best realtor for its needs.

As many of the people renting or buying properties in Qatar arrive for the first time in this country, they are in the position to look for a trustworthy local real estate broker to pursue his dream house.

Herein, we give you main criteria to consider when choosing a company to work with in Qatar:

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Valid Company Registration number in Qatar

All the companies in Qatar are officially registered by Chamber of Commerce. The process to legally register a company is long and endeavoring, hence only trustworthy companies accomplish it. A main requirement is the company to have commercial residence issued by Ministry of Economy and Commerce within the Qatar space.

You may ask your real estate company to communicate its company registration number or to check for yourself on Chamber of Commerce Qatar ( most of the certificated are registered in Arabian language).  

The Real Estate Agency Website and Property Listings

The quality of the the real estate agency website is a sign of trustworthiness. A thin property listing should make you reconsider twice. One, as you have limited number of properties to choose from, you are also limited in options to find your dream house.

Secondly, a company dedicated to growth will do its best to bring the best deals and exclusivities in portfolio in order to meet the clients’ needs.

The Real Estate Agency Specialization in Qatar

First look for a company that is specialized in what you need.  For example, you want to buy a property in Qatar which is defined by specific characteristics: luxury, region in Qatar and, of course, to be free hold property, if you are an expat.

Discuss with you real estate agent about the company specialty. FGREALTY is luxury real estate agency in Qatar,  regionally specialized, rent or sale a house in Qatar in The Pearl, West Bay ( both in Doha) and Lusail city.

The Realtor’s exposure in Qatar and property listings on

Am active real estate  company will also have active and actualized social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin at least. The wider the media and social media coverage, the more involved into business your realtor is.

The number and the seriousness of listings on is also a factor of credibility. A trustworthy real estate company brings into its portfolio a large number of properties and also exclusivities. Why we gave the website as referral? Because it is the largest portal of this kind in Qatar and listing properties on supposes investment.  And only real estate agencies involved in process will invest in promoting its business.

FGREALTY – Find Great Realty is a young, yet, fast growing luxury real estate company in Qatar. We consider work ethics for the clients’ and agency’s growth.

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