How to obtain a real estate license in Qatar

May 2, 2023 6:21 am

Qatar is a dominant economy in the Middle East reason. The oil-rich nation has led the way for the region in terms of advancement in infrastructure, education, technology, and development. Qatar’s unique blend of modernity and tradition reflects in its structures and buildings. Since the Middle Eastern state won the hosting rights for FIFA World Cup 2022, the real estate market has seen unprecedented development.

A career in real estate in Qatar can be promising. As an award-winning real estate company in Qatar, FG Realty understands the licensing requirements to foray into the industry. You will need a commercial broker license to start a company. In this article, we will share information on how you can get a real estate license in Qatar.

You’ll find all you need to know about beginning a real estate company in Qatar right here. This blog will also provide you with relevant information and details. Here are some things to think about before starting a real estate business. We’ve compiled a list of the most important factors when starting a real estate company in Qatar.

What is a real estate license?

In Qatar, realtors and brokers are required to have a valid real estate license to operate a property business legally. Once you get a commercial broker license, you can sell or rent properties, broker real estate deals, and act on behalf of buyers. The licensing requirements vary depending on the region where you plan to establish your real estate business legally.

Real estate license online

The most convenient way to start your real estate company is to apply online for a real estate license. While you can reach the licensing authorities in person to apply for a permit, but real estate license online process is much simpler.

The first step is to take a pre-licensing real estate course to ensure you are ready to take the real estate exam to get your license. Every state has some variation in the real estate laws, so you have to take a course for the state you expect to start your real estate company. Pre-licensing real estate courses teach you essential concepts such as property ownership types, housing laws, titles, deeds, contracts, selling strategies, and real estate laws. There are several federal real estate laws along with local regulations that you must be aware of.

Generally, it takes up to four to six months to get a real estate license in Qatar. The pre-licensing courses can be taken online or offline, but irrespective of the mode, you will need around four to eight weeks to prepare for the main exam.

Clear the Real Estate Exam

The duration of the commercial broker license exam is different in different states. But the common factor is that the exam is prepared to be challenging to weed out candidates who do not have the required skills to become good agents. This is why only half of the people taking the exam can pass. The passing percentage also varies depending on the state where you take the exam, but the average pass percentage required is 50%.

To pass the real estate license online exam, you should target to score at least 65% in your pre-license exam. As the actual exam is more challenging than mock tests, the higher your score in the pre-license exam, the better your chances of passing the main exam. Furthermore, you do not require a degree to take a real estate license example, but basic qualifications and relevant experience help you become a better broker.

Apply to get the Real Estate License

Once you pass the real estate license exam, you need to apply for the license. The local authorities will evaluate your license and check your qualification and other documents before granting you the license.

You must also pay the fees for applying for the real estate license. After issuing your license, you must associate it with a licensed broker. If you want to start your career as a real estate agent, you should be employed with a real estate company like FG Realty. There are other options; you can start your career with a boutique, virtual, or franchise brokerage.


As a licensed real estate company, broker, or agent, you get to be part of the elite community of other companies and agents. Also, you get to participate in events organized by the Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee, which include training courses in coordination with the Training Department of the Legal and Judicial study center.

As a real estate company, FG Realty ensures the best real estate brokerage practices. Before starting your company, we expect you to do the same and meet all the professional and legal requirements. If you are an agent who got his real estate license in Qatar and is looking for promising opportunities in the sector, visit here to become an agent with us.

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