Various types of housing that you can choose in Qatar

Moving to a new country is a whole unique experience. While refreshing and bold, it also comes with its set of challenges. One thing that eases the transition is finding suitable accommodation at the new location. If you are planning to move to Qatar, you are in luck. The country has one of the highest standards of living and a diverse real estate market. The housing in Qatar is versatile, and there’s an option available for everyone.

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Let’s explore the various types of housing available in Qatar.


The most popular kind of housing in Qatar is the apartments. Available at every location and varying prices, you can choose between several types of apartments: studio, furnished, semi-furnished, unfurnished, and serviced. FGrealty has some of the most luxurious apartments for rent in Doha at locations like The Pearl and West Bay.

The thing about apartments that make them so popular is the facilities and advantages they offer. Most apartments in Qatar come furnished, which implies tenants can move in as soon as they pay the rent and sign the agreement; there is little to bring in. You get appliances and furniture in the apartment. Going for a furnished apartment for rent in Doha will be more expensive than semi-furnished or unfurnished apartments. But you can avail of affordable one-bedroom or studio apartments even when furnished. For instance, this furnished studio apartment with a pool and gym in Lusail entertainment city is available for only QAR 7000 monthly.

If you are interested in apartments, consider a few things. If you are settling in with kids, the location must be near your workplace, schools, and hospitals. The price of the apartment for rent in Doha fluctuates depending on the size and location of the property.


Another great choice of housing in Qatar is residential and compound villas. A stand-alone villa for rent in Qatar is an excellent choice if you move in with your family or friends. These spacious properties with elegant designs are constructed to offer a truly luxurious lifestyle. FGrealty can help you find great villas for rent in Qatar. We specialize in luxury properties and have access to the most exclusive villas in regions like Al Sadd, The Pearl, Lusail, and West Bay. This property will impress you if you want a spectacular stand-alone villa for rent in Qatar. With five bedrooms with attached luxurious bathrooms, one guest room, a maid room attached, a closed kitchen, a private pool, a private garage, and balconies with beach views, it offers every luxury one can require.

If you find a stand-alone villa for rent in Qatar out of budget, you can choose to go with compound villas. These properties are located within the same compound as apartments, so there is a mix of apartments and villas. Villas are often spacious properties with 4 to 7 bedrooms and additional garden areas. You get all the basic amenities like a central AC system, security system, shared swimming pool, and maintenance services. Most of the villas you will find will be located in neighborhoods with schools, supermarkets, public transport, restaurants, sports courts, etc.

Residential Townhouses

Another type of housing in Qatar is the townhouse. Residential townhouses are elegant properties beautifully constructed next to each other to create a community look. These properties are spacious, with 4 to 5 fully furnished master bedrooms with bathrooms. A parking area has a fully fitted kitchen and dining area. Townhouses are located within the heart of cities, which makes them well-connected to public transport, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, and shopping areas.

If you are looking for a house for rent in Qatar for a big family and want to be in a close-knit community, residential townhouses are the best option. These homes have AC systems, corridors, built-in wardrobes, security systems, and shared facilities like a pool and gym. The luxurious townhouses have additional features like stand-alone showers, repository cabinets, and bathtubs.


The housing in Qatar is as diverse as it gets. If you know where to look, you can get a property that suits your lifestyle and fulfills your requirements. FGrealty can help you find any housing, whether you want villas for rent in Qatar or furnished apartments. Our experienced agents have reached every location in Qatar, and we can help you find the most exclusive properties for rent. Alternatively, you can search for a house for rent through our property finder portal,

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