Why is Lusail called a smart city? 

Why is Lusail Called a Smart City? 

Qatar is a remarkable story of human adaptation and development in the middle eastern region. Today, the oil-rich nation has one of the highest GDPs in the world, with over 98% of the population made up of foreign nationals. The state is a story of evaluation and development. Another technological marvel is in the making – the smart city of Lusail.

A few decades ago, the city hardly existed. However, Lusail is fast becoming the next most popular tourist destination because of its unique amalgamation of unexplainable beauty and technological advancement. Unsurprisingly, expats look for apartments for rent in Lusail due to its fantastic amenities and facilities.

In This Article, We Explore Some Facts About Lusail City

Lusail City – An overview 

To truly appreciate the achievement of this hypermodern city, it is essential to know a little about the history of Lusail.

The city derives its name from the Arabic Al wasaail, which refers to a native Qatari shrub growing in the region. The city was founded by Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, the founder of the State of Qatar, in the form of Lusail castle, approximately 23 km north of Doha’s city center. As Qatar started developing, the state’s leaders formed a new vision for the city to symbolize Qatar’s national vision for 2030.

The city is created to support 2,50,000 residents to provide an establishment for the fast-growing population of the capital city of Doha. Lusail is part of Doha’s northern development corridor and will provide a living area for 20% of Qatar’s growing population. The properties for sale in Lusail are prevalent among foreign nationals because they present a new sustainability venue with a combination of architecture, heritage, and technology.

A significant reason why Lusail is a smart city is how it is minimizing its environmental footprint and supporting a crucial sustainable legacy. According to Lusail’s head architect Abdulrahman Al-Ishaq, “Although Lusail is a new city, it is also regarded as an extension of Doha. Sustainability was always the vision of Lusail, so we designed and planned it that way. It’s a big responsibility for us as future generations of Qatar will question if we did it correctly when we had a chance to do it.”

Innovative air-conditioning technology 

A major technological implementation that makes Lusail a smart city is the integration of sustainable facilities and utilities as the foundation of the infrastructure. Most apartments for rent in Lusail benefit from the cool technology, a district cooling system. The system comprises four district stations and 175 km piping, forming one of the world’s largest cooling systems.

By providing a centralized cooling system for the entire city, Lusail will save an estimated 2 lakh tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. This is a remarkable achievement compared to other modern cities where CO2 emission remains one of the leading causes of air pollution.

Most properties for rent in Qatar usually include several air-conditioning units that increase the cost of living and energy consumption. However, Lusail’s district cooling system provides a plug-and-play arrangement for all the properties. Developers only need to connect a duct system, and the cooling system will provide cool air and cool water centrally, exponentially saving energy costs and carbon footprint. By limiting the emission of harmful gases, Lusail is setting an example for other countries to include sustainable solutions in their infrastructure development.

Recycling garbage

A significant challenge for modern cities is garbage management. Our cities produce millions of tons of garbage every month, creating challenging waste management situations. Lusail has taken recycling seriously and made a 24 km waste pipeline network beneath the city to provide sustainable waste management.

To efficiently dispose of human waste, the advanced network of pneumatic and vacuum tubes creates a fast, disposable system. This dramatically reduces the need for garbage trucks in densely populated city areas. The waste management pipe network is connected to the buildings and directly reaches the garbage and recycling plants outside the city. According to city planners, this approach saves about 70 tons of daily waste.

This is another incredible achievement that puts Lusail on the list of smart cities in the world. As an ex-pat, we recommend you explore apartments for rent in Lusail to experience these innovative developments firsthand.

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