Why Relocate to Qatar?       

July 22, 2022 11:13 am

For many people, Qatar is the country that has been exporting oil for over six decades. But there is more to this oil-rich Middle Eastern emirate. The country offers many prosperous opportunities attracting ex-pats to relocate here. 88% of the Qatari population are foreign workers who migrated to the country, given its high standard of living. All amenities are readily available, from an apartment for sale in Qatar to career redefining opportunities, there is a lot on offer.

Given its status as the 2022 Football World Cup host, the oil-rich peninsula is also garnering global recognition and interest from international businesses to invest in the country.

There are several reasons why one must decide to relocate to Qatar

Here we share the top 4 reasons why moving to the country with the highest per capita income in the world is a good idea.

The lifestyle in Qatar

One of the prime reasons to move to Qatar is its exquisite lifestyle. As the country with the highest per capita income globally, people can afford the best quality of life here. Most ex-pats residing in the country believe that what Qatar lacks in cultural heritage and history, it makes up by offering a modern and lavish lifestyle.

With the breakneck pace at which skylines are growing in the capital city of Doha, it is apparent that wealth and comfort are abundant here. You can buy an apartment in Qatar with the most lavish amenities at affordable prices as there are enough opportunities to earn.

Given the availability of such wealth and the country’s rich oil reserves, affording a lavish lifestyle is cheap as prices for food, transportation, tourist destination, and accommodation are low. You can buy an apartment for sale in Qatar at a modest 7000 to 9000 Riyals, a bus journey usually costs around 2 Riyals, and you can buy a kilo of Tuna for just 5 Riyals. The affordability of a lavish lifestyle is reason enough to book a flight to Qatar.

A tax-free salary

Like most middle-eastern countries, Qatar also offers a tax-free income opportunity for ex-pats. As the nation has significant oil and natural gas reserves, it does not depend on tax revenue from its citizens to run the country. The wealth surplus it owns gives it a chance to offer a tax-free regime for people. You can earn and keep almost your entire salary without any tax deductions.

With no income tax, Qatari citizens can easily invest in properties and create a life of comfort for themselves. It is one of the reasons why people from countries that impose high-income taxes move to Qatar. If you, too, feel the need to move ahead of the curve to save your income against high tax deductions, you can book a one-way ticket to Qatar.

Safety for your family

Moving here with your family comes with many perks, but most importantly, you get safety for your family. As the standard of living is high in Qatar, the country’s crime rate is the lowest. You can buy Qatar houses for sale in Doha to relocate your family to a safe environment away from conflicts and recession. The Qatari government takes the security of families seriously and ensures that all citizens have a secure and stable social life. Expatriates settled in the country express their satisfaction with the level of protection and government assistance they receive.

All necessary amenities are available here to help people settle quickly. Qatar Real estate market is highly flexible. No matter your income level, you can buy an apartment in Qatar. There are opportunities for everyone to buy a house, relocate or start a family here. Schools, hospitals, malls, tourist parks, etc., all sorts of amenities are available to support families.

A hospitable culture

Unlike other Middle Eastern countries that are unfriendly to foreigners, Qatar has nurtured a highly conducive environment for ex-pats. The country has no norms against how you dress like other Muslim emirates. You are just asked to dress modestly in public places, and women do not have to wear an abaya (the full-length robe). Alcohol is not banned; you can enjoy drinks legally if you are above 21. Western-style properties are available in the country as well. You can search for a flat for sale in Qatar constructed per western norms.

On the scale of secularism, too, Qatar shows a high level of tolerance and respect for all religions. Any religious disrespect is treated as a severe offense, and an appropriate fine or imprisonment is enforced.


If you are planning to settle abroad and haven’t given Qatar a thought, you are missing out on a lucrative opportunity. With an abundance of career opportunities, a high standard of living, affordable Qatar houses for sale, and security for your family, there are many reasons why the Middle Eastern country is a fine choice for relocation.


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