Why is a short term rental in Doha appropriate during pandemics?

short term rental during pandemics
September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

Even though we are going through a rather difficult period, the interest for luxury properties continues to be quite high. The pandemic may be a good time to rethink things and to make determined investments, for shorter periods. Thus, there are many reasons why to choose a short term rental in Doha during pandemics.

An exclusive property always offers many advantages. And apartments in Qatar provide the best possibilities and reasons to prefer to live here. The architecture, the layout, the interior and exterior design, infrastructure, lifestyle and all facilities ensure everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and quiet life.

Fully-furnished living room in apartment for rent image
Rental apartment in Doha -fully furnished


In Doha you can find most amazing houses with impressive and fabulous panoramas. Place is known for its generous offer of extraordinary luxury flats and apartments. Whether you desire a studio for rent, a residence with access to the pool or an apartment with spectacular view, furnished or unfurnished houses, here you can always find something on your taste.

What are the advantages of short term rental in Doha?

If you are considering renting your home in the short term, you should think about the following aspects. There are great advantages, but also some risk.  

First let’s consider the advantages. Here are the ones:

  • More flexibility in renting

You choose which is the most profitable period for rent, in days, weeks or months. Those who travel in the interest of work or have projects for a certain period will appreciate the privacy and space of a house, rather than a traditional hotel. Short term rentals are perfect if you have your family with you.

Short term rentals are ideal for those who want a longer vacation.

If you like Doha and want to stay longer, to get to know the place and see all is important, choose the short term rental option. You can stay a few months, with much more advantageous costs, incomparably better than in the case of hotel accommodation.

  • Less property issues 

Regular rent changes can help you notice problems faster and make more repairs and technical reviews. Thus, you can keep up on small repairs before they turn into big problems!

  • It can bring social benefits 

You can learn a lot about the psychology and behavior of tenants. In this way, in the future you can better avoid tenants who cause problems and recognize the right ones more easily. There are a lot of types of people out there and some of them can even become your long-term friends.

apartment for rent

Short term renting offers many advantages for all:

For owners, these advantages are:

  • ✔ You can choose better and change unsuitable tenants more easily.
  • ✔ The risks of outstanding payments are highly reduced.
  • ✔ You can receive all the money once the contract is signed.
  • ✔ You have the run of your property at any moment.
  • ✔ In many cases profitability is often better than in the case of a long-term lease.

For tenants, the advantages are:

  • ✔ You can faster change the property with one that you like more and has a better rental cost.
  • ✔ You can easily get rid of inappropriate property.
  • ✔ You can use a property in a favorite place for a few months, at the cost of a vacation.
  • ✔ You always benefit from a better maintained property, with up-to-date revisions.
flat for rent Doha- the pearl- FGREALTY
Flat for rent fully furnished

What are the disadvantages of short rentals in Doha?

If you choose short term rental you may also have some disadvantages, such as:

  • ✖ If you rely on a steady income, you need to be prepared to keep in mind that there may be times when tenants are late to appear.
  • ✖ Short term tenants can cause damage and leave utilities unpaid. And you need to include these risks in the rental cost.
  • ✖ It takes more effort to run a short term rental. You will always have to give promotional ads and always have viewings and customers ready.
  • ✖ There may be more maintenance costs associated with short term rental. You will have to check after each tenant and make all the necessary revisions and repairs.
  • ✖ Some neighbors who are eager for more predictability may be unhappy with your choice to rent the property in the short term. If they want quiet and feel safe to know everyone,  they may be bothered with the frequent changes on your property.

If you choose to benefit from the services of a short-term  and long term rental agency in Doha, we at FGREALTY are the best choice. With us you minimize the risks and you can get maximum benefits!

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