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Al Waab City, a real estate development currently being constructed in the district, is set to add 639 villas, 1,293 apartments, and 425 hotel rooms to the district. It is planned to accommodate over 8,000 people.The planned city will have three main districts: the Northern District, the Central District and the Southern District.

In the Northern District, residences, clubhouses and playgrounds will be the main focus of its two communities, Nour Al Waab and Janayin Al Waab. The former community consists of 92 large Arabian-style villas, while the latter 181 villas and recreational facilities.

The Central District comprises three communities, namely Jawharat Al Waab, Abraj Al Waab and Riyad Al Waab. It is mainly residence-oriented and is set to feature numerous parks and landscaped walkways. Jawharat Al Waab, set to be the focal point of the development, encompasses 100,000 m² and will host a spa, hotel and several restaurants and boutiques. Apartment buildings will occupy Abraj Al Waab while Riyad Al Waab will feature a mix of townhouses, villas and apartments.

Lastly, the Southern District will cater to businesses of all sizes, and to a smaller extent, will host neighborhoods. Spread over 200,000 m², the communities in this district are Ma'arid Al Waab, Makatib Al Waab, Darat, and Manazil Al Waab. The development will see numerous medium-rise office buildings built in Makatib Al Waab, and similarly, Ma'arid Al Waab, which runs along Salwa Road, is set to accommodate numerous offices and retailers. The remaining two communities, Manazil Al Waab and Darat, are residential, with the former containing apartments and the latter containing villas.

With an estimated completion date of late 2020, the total cost of the project amounts to roughly $3.2 billion

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