Short Term Rentals In Qatar For The Upcoming 2022 FIFA Football World Cup – A Complete Guide

short term rental in Qatar
August 9, 2023 1:39 pm

When the Football Federation announced in 2010 that Qatar would host the 2022 World Football Event, the people of the oil-rich tiny Gulf emirate wondered how they would accommodate an estimated 1.2 million visitors for the five weeks tournament.

Fortunately, in the ensuing years, Qatar began large-scale modernization of the capital city Doha. To ensure that there are enough accommodations for the visitors for the largest sporting event in the world, Qatar has made short term apartment rentals available. If you are planning to visit the country for the 2022 World Football Event, you will benefit from this short stay accommodation guide.

Start By Looking For Domestic Short Term Apartments

Qatar does have options to rent properties online now, so you can expect to find short stay apartments easily in Qatar. Fortunately, to ensure that all the visitors find a place to stay during the World Football Event, Qatar Tourism has introduced a new renting license for property owners to offer short-stay accommodation.

Qatar Tourism has introduced the ‘Holiday Homes License’ that is mandatory for domestic property owners to let their homes for rent. The license is necessary for property owners to list their properties on international renting websites like . If you are interested in short stay apartments, short term accommodation you can book them via these sites. However, it is essential to check the license of the domestic property before you book.

The rent of Qatar vacation rentals is expected to rise due to the huge demand for bookings for the five weeks of the World Football Event season. It is why short term apartment rentals might provide an economical stay option.

What Will Be The Status Of Qatar Vacation Rentals?

While it is too early to assume, given the popularity of the event and the large number of people visiting, a majority of fancy hotels will be booked for teams, supporting staff, media, etc., so finding accommodation won’t be easy at luxurious hotels. According to trip planners, it is expected that accommodations at some 4-star and 3-star hotels might open up as the event dates come closer.

According to market reports all major hotel chains in the Emirate, such as Hilton, Marriot, and Intercontinental, reported full bookings ahead of the event. As Qatar is looking for various accommodation options, holiday apartment rent is also surging in the country. The rent for vacation rental accommodations is rising by over $2,700 per night. It is advisable to go with short stay apartments.

You can use any property finder Qatar to find rental properties as Qatar is a highly safe country. As all arrangements are in place to provide security to foreigners finding a safe stay for the World Football Event should not be a concern. However, to keep the cost of stay low, you should book short stay apartments as soon as possible. Qatar Tourism has set up a hotline for visitors to enquire about available properties they can rent.

Qatar World Football Event Travel Packages

Apart from Qatar vacation rentals, it would be best if you also planned the travel. Qatar Airways, the country’s official airline, has made several travel packages available, including flights, match tickets, and short term accommodation.

Here are some of the packages available:

1. Support Your Team from $6,590 for Week One and Two of the game.

2. Early Groups from $4,950 for Week One

3. Later Groups from $4,700 for Week Two

4. Knockouts from $3,800 for Round of 16

5. Knockouts from $4,050 for Quarterfinals

6. Knockouts from $7,300 for Semifinal and Final

7. Knockouts from $5,600 for Final and third-place game

There are deals available from World Football Event as well for the tournament; however, flights, accommodation, and tickers for the final match need to be bought separately in Qatar.

How To Book Short Term Qatar Vacation Rentals?

There are two ways to get short term apartment rentals in Qatar – either directly or through a real estate agent.

Real estate agents liaise between the landlords and tenants and perform all the administrative services. These agents charge a commission of 5% of the annual rent. But for the World Football Event short-stay accommodations, most real estate agents are charging half a month’s rent. There are also property management companies that you can contact to get rental properties in Qatar. However, if you have decided to look for short stay apartments on your own, you can search for properties through newspapers or real estate portals. As we mentioned above, for the World Football Event 2022, properties can be booked through international sites like FG Realty. Still, you can also use popular classified websites such as Property Finder Qatar.


World Football Event 2022 is one of the year’s most anticipated events, especially after the pandemic, and millions of fans are expected to visit Qatar for the mega sporting event. If you plan to visit, we hope this guide will help you find short term apartment rentals easily.

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