5 reason for which you should consider investing in an apartment in Doha during a crisis

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September 26, 2023 3:25 pm

If you want to know what to invest in during the crisis?  If you or one of the wise people who intend to invest money during the crisis, then buying an apartment in Doha is what we recommend to you.  A buy-to-let property is an investment any time, but now, Qatar might be your place to consider placing your savings in.  Herein we give you 5 reasons:

1. An apartment for rent in Doha is a source of passive income

In case you intend to buy a property in Doha, then placing the apartment for rent on the real estate market is going to bring you passive income. The only thing you are to do is to keep the apartment clean and safe and have a good relationship with your tenants.

As Qatar is mainly inhabited by ex-pats, the rental market is a great demand and you have your monthly income insured.


2. Qatar is a rich, safe and stable country and that makes your investment secured

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. Being rich in petroleum products, this country is financially secured and in continuous growth. Also, Qatar is the safest country in the Arabian Peninsula. These two facts give you investment security and comfort even during an economic crisis.

If other countries might be deeply affected by the crisis as their main product on GDP is not in demand any longer, petroleum products are still the gear for the world economy. Even if the price decreases, the market remains.  Hence, Qatar is more economically secured than in other countries across the globe.


3.Apartments in Doha are new and built to the latest standards in constructions

When you intend to invest in a property, the quality of the apartment and the residential building is a criterion of buying. Doha is a new city and all the buildings are accordingly new and developed to the latest standards in construction.

If in the Western world there is a challenge to find a new, flawless, apartment for sale, then in Doha all of them are built for safety. The historical cities are covered with historical buildings, whilst Qatar developed recently and all residential areas are modernly built and endowed.


4. You are to ensure a great ROI in a property in Qatar

According to some listings on propertyfinder.qa there are apartments on the Pearl (Doha) bringing to the owner 12% ROI (return of investment)! This is Huge. If this figure is singular for a specific property, you may consider the medium market ROI, which is between 4% and 8%. Even so, this is a great deal for you.

5.Stability is a key factor in Qatar

Qatar is a stable country from an economic, political, and legislative point of view. Unlike other European countries that during economic crises tend to destabilize on all levels, Qatar is stable and ensures balance for its inhabitants.

Need more arguments and details about why you should invest in an apartment in Doha or details on how to buy? Read through our blog or contact our sales team at office@fgrealty.qa.



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