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Luxury Homes for Sale in Qatar

Luxury Flats & Houses in Qatar – Essential Information for Expats

Inhabited by  over  millions of expats, coming from different cultural background and also arriving with various expectation about the comfort of living in Doha or the new planned residential cities, such as Lusail.  Hence, the luxury homes for sale in Qatar segment developed in a fast manner and architectural style to cover all the expectations for people arriving all over the world.

Wealth and high living standards are a definition for living in Qatar, as it is one of the richest country in the area, fact reflected also in the average salary ( around 10,000 QAR/ month, taking into account that there is a big difference between private companies and public administration).

This well-living is also reflected in the home types on real estate market in Qatar, but also in the  price of the rental  or properties for sale, especially in Doha.

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A simple classification for houses for expats in Qatar

Starting from the wage difference and job division for expats in Qatar, there are also two different types of houses to live in Qatar.

Basic family room for rent

On one hand, there are cheap means of accommodation, such as family rooms for rent Qatar. They offer rudimentary, basic, need for shelter and prices are accordingly low. For this type of lodging there is only one possibility: rental.

Luxury real estate in Qatar

On the other hand there are houses, flats and villas, of superior finishing, built in residential areas insuring all the comfort of luxury living. These are situated in residential developments, specially designed to cover all the  standards for international tenants or owners. The property surface is generous, even a studio apartment is larger than 70 sqm, the finishing is state of art, combining Arabian luxury and international comfort, the amenities might be regarded as state of art.

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Most of these buildings are planned for luxury and family comfort: there are nurseries or gymnasium in proximity, most of them are provided gym and pool within the residence.  Of course, all these special endowments come with a proper price. Apartments for rent in Doha, in  The Pearl, may have prices of over 20,000 QAR/ month, whilst a house for sale can reach a eight or even nine figures in QAR ( we have in or listing  several properties valued more that 40 millions QAR).

Renting or buying a house in Qatar depends on various factors you should analyze when moving to this country.

Rent or buy a house in Qatar?

We previously wrote whether to  rent or buy a house Qatar and you can read the entire article on the blog. Still, we give you the main criteria to analyze when you take this decision:

  • Income
  • Period of staying
  • Investment opportunities.

Luxury homes for sale in Qatar

After you have analyzed the above, more often than not, you reach the decision that buying a house may be blended into an investment decision. There are plenty of luxury homes for sale in Qatar that might turn back into an investment.

If that be the case, our advice is to consider houses that respond to you luxury and comfort needs, situated in the most attractive and expensive areas of Doha and not only ( The Pearl, Qanat Quartier,  West Bay, Lusail city etc.)

Land for sale in Qatar

The legislation does not allow non- Qatari citizens to buy land in Qatar. Instead, there is a large, promising free hold market for expats in dedicated residential developments. The most famous one are The Pearl and  Lusail city which will be under continuous development till 2022.

Villas for sale in Doha

A large majority of the properties for sale in Qatar consists of luxurious apartments. As villas for sale in Qatar are rare,  this is an additional reason to consider they are an investment opportunity.

The most looked for are villas and residencies for sale provided with green backyards, pools, gyms or even access to private beach.

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Prices for luxury homes for Sale in various areas of Qatar

Prices for Apartments for sale in Qatar ( average price in QAR / sqm)

Price for  apartments for sale in The Pearl (Doha) 13,500

Value for flats for sale in Qanat Quartier 14,000

Price for  apartments for sale in West Bay 18,000

Price for  apartments for sale in Lusail City 11,000

Prices for villas for sale in Qatar (average price in QAR per sqm)

Price for  villas  for sale in The Pearl (Doha) 19,000

Quote for  houses for sale in Qanat Quartier 21,000

Price for   villas  for sale in West Bay 17,500

Price for  villas  for sale in Lusail City 16,000

How to choose you real estate agent in Qatar

First of all, verify the real estate company that you are going to work with, a luxury home for sale means plenty of money and you have to take measure for your investment.

Things to verify:

  • Whether the real estate company is legally registered on the Qatari territory.
  • Verify the portfolio of the real estate company.
  • Eventual reviews about the company ( this is a subjective matter, people that buy luxury homes are not opened to disclose their identity).

Property for Sale Qatar- 3 Bedroom Apartment in Viva Bahriyam _ FGRealty

What to verify in a real estate purchase contract and things to double check

You should verify the property status and, as above stated, the real estate company. For that ask for:

  • Building licenses
  • Registration documents of the seller
  • Registration documents of the real estate agency, Qatar based.

As the purchase contract is written in Arabic, be sure to also have an English version of it, where you should verify:

  • Authenticity and description of the property
  • The accuracy regarding the seller and buyer information
  • Verify the potential existence of mortgages or other eventual burdens or debts deriving from house ownership.

If you are on the point of taking the decision to buy a luxury home in Qatar, we are here for you. We are specialized in luxury real estate in Qatar, with long expertise on buying or renting properties for expats.

If you need more info, follow our blog, as we are here to offer unbiased information about real estate market in Qatar.

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