Things to Remember Before Buying Flat in Qatar

Things to Remember Before Buying a Flat in Qatar

Qatar has much to offer for expats willing to start a life here. Real estate is a hot market even if you explore the Middle Eastern emirate as an investment venue. With FIFA World Cup 2022, foreign investments in Qatar are at an all-time high. World is becoming aware of the country’s high standard of living and luxury.

If you are moving to Qatar for an extended stay, it is better to buy an apartment for sale in Qatar rather than rent. The country has a booming real estate market, and luxurious properties are available to sustain your lifestyle. FGREALTY is an award-winning real estate broker that has been helping expats and foreign investors find property in Qatar for over a decade.

This guide will cover everything you must know before you buy an apartment in Qatar.

Rules Regarding Property Ownership in Qatar

In 2020, Qatar created new rules for foreign nationals’ property ownership. The Office for Non-Qatari Real Estate Ownership was established under the provision to oversee and provide assistance to expats exploring opportunities to buy properties for residence or investment. The resolution identified areas where foreigners can look for Qatar houses for sale and are allowed to own the land or property.

According to the amended law, foreigners can now invest in freehold properties in these regions:

  1. Al Dafna
  2. Al Kharij
  3. Al Khor Resort
  4. Al Qassar
  5. Al Wasail
  6. Jabal Theyleeb
  7. Onaiza
  8. Rawdat Al Jahaniyah
  9. The Pearl Qatar
  10. West Bay Lagoon

This is an excellent opportunity to find property in Qatar, as the updated rules allow them to sell or rent their properties without restrictions. You can buy an apartment for sale in Qatar in these regions. Still, you must submit your request to own or invest in such properties to the Office for Non-Qatari Real Estate Ownership, located at the Ministry of Justice. Property ownership in Qatar has its perks. Firstly, the capital city, Doha, has many beautiful apartments and villas for expats. As now you have the freedom to purchase residential property across the country, you can explore Qatar houses for sale without any restrictions.

How Can You Find the Best Properties for Sale in Qatar?

It cannot be easy to find property in Qatar without assistance if you are an expat. The best way to locate the best Qatar houses for sale is to hire a real estate broker such as FGREALTY.

Over a decade of service to expats has earned us the Best Real Estate Agency Qatar 2022-2023 award. We connect expats with the most luxurious properties matching their requirements and lifestyle. Our real estate agents are experienced and licensed professionals with dense market contacts. We can bring you the best properties from all over Qatar.

For instance, we have the best properties for you if you are looking for Lusail apartments for sale. Here are some examples:

Lusail marina facing fully-furnished one bedroom apartment

How much might you have to spend on buying an apartment in Qatar?

There real estate prices in Qatar vary depending on specific locations. For instance, you can find Lusail apartments for sale from USD$ 2,000 to 2,300 per square meter, much less than prime locations like the Pearl-Qatar, where you would be paying around USD$ 3,200 to 6,800 for the same area.

As an expat, you can avail mortgage for an apartment for sale in Qatar or any freehold property investment. You must be aware of the regulations for mortgage lending to expats by the Qatar Central Bank.

Here are the critical regulations:

  • To avail mortgage to buy apartment in Qatar, your terms cannot exceed 20 years.
  • Expat must be below 65 at the time of the loan maturity.
  • At most, you can avail of a loan for 70% of the property value in Qatar. However, every bank can set the maximum loan limit for you.
  • Foreigners must make a 30% down payment to buy Qatar houses for sale.
  • As an expat, you can only spend 50% of your monthly income on paying the mortgage.

Apart from these regulations, it would help if you also noticed what mortgage documents you will have to provide for an apartment for sale in Qatar.

You will have to provide a salary certificate address to the bank where you apply for a loan. You must provide a six-month bank statement if your salary is transferred to another bank. Other documents needed include:

  • A liability letter.
  • An accurately filled bank application form.
  • A copy of ID and passport.
  • A down payment receipt.
  • Security cheques.


For several reasons, buying an apartment for sale in Qatar is a worthwhile investment. This guide will help you get things right when you purchase an apartment in any of the locations in the country.

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