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FGREALTY understands your needs to carry on your plans of moving and we are here to make them come true. Regardless you are looking for an apartment for rent, an office, commercial space, or property for sale we can help you to see it like you are there. For that,

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Șerban Spirea, Managing Partner for FGREALTY answers for ”Property Finder”

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Șerban Spirea, Managing Partner for FGREALTY answers for ”Property Finder” to one of the most ardent questions for expats in Qatar: buying or renting a property A detailed article for ”Property Finder” – the greatest real estate portal in Arabian Peninsula- answers the questions every expatriate asks before moving to

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How to sell a house in Qatar?


As experts in real estate brokerage in Qatar, one of the questions we frequently hear from our expat clients is whether they are allowed to sell their houses. That happens sometimes even from the moment of buying, as there are people that comprehend the potential in investing in real estate in Qatar.


The real estate market in Qatar is a big opportunity as 2022 is approaching – asserts Serban Spirea in an interview for ”Gulf Times”

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In an interview published last week by the publication ”Gulf Times”, Serban Spirea, the MD and Founder of Find Great Realty (FGREALTY)  revealed his entrepreneurial path, his vision about entrepreneurship, courage, teamwork, and his plans for FGREALTY. During this interview, Serban stated his positive forecast on the real estate market